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Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry - Essay Example

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They give new energy to the state which was horribly affected by recent global recession. The state has all necessary facilities such as improved technological infrastructure and transportation…
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Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages ges such as regulatory issues, social concerns, competitive issues, and / or demographic and geographic issues associated with managing a restaurant operation in the State of Maryland. The Maryland government has stricter legal policies on food quality control and staffing. The Food Quality Assurance program implemented by the government poses serious threats to the successful operation of restaurant in Maryland. In addition, Maryland regulators have framed burdensome employment laws that would notably reduce the profitability of restaurant operations in the State. In order to address the regulatory issues better, it is advisable for the organization to become a member of the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM), which is committed to guiding its members in managing lawsuits and other regulatory concerns effectively. Today’s people are increasingly concerned about social issues like environmental pollution, global warming, climate change, and poor health. It is evident that restaurant operations contribute substantially to greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major issue contributing to ozone layer depletion thereby global warming and climate change. Since modern consumers are really aware of the significance of environmental sustainability, they would not support a restaurant business that does not focus on environmental safety. In addition, today consumers are greatly interested to know how businesses execute their corporate social responsibilities. The organization can address this challenge effectively by becoming a socially responsible corporate citizen. Considering the growing scope of hospitality and tourism industry, many new market players have started restaurant operations, and this situation in turn adds to the degree of competitive rivalry. The organization can successfully handle the issue of intense market competition by emphasizing particularly on innovation and efficiency. Finally demographic and geographic issues also raise some potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The activities include business, leisure and for other purposes.
A tour operator is a person or a company that creates and markets inclusive tours with the sub-contractors to make a package. Most of the tour operators sell through travel agencies and directly to the clients. The player gathers and distributes marketing research and helpful information about the marketing information. They find the customers and use persuasive language to convince the tourist to take the offers made by the tour site owners and operators. The people shape and match the offers with the tourist’s needs and budget for the best offer (Page 2011). They agree to the terms of payment between the customer and owner and assume financial risks.
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