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Two tourism plans - Essay Example

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Tourism planning can be taken as the process of ensuring that the needs of people who are planning to travel are taken care of prior to the actual travelling. According to the reference materials herein used, the process of planning is unanimously taken to involve the same…
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Two tourism plans
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TOURISM DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES Tourism Development Strategies Components of National Tourism Planning as Observes in Turkey and Scotland
Tourism planning can be taken as the process of ensuring that the needs of people who are planning to travel are taken care of prior to the actual travelling. According to the reference materials herein used, the process of planning is unanimously taken to involve the same aspects and considerations. It has also come out clear that any steps undertaken in the planning process are inferences from successful planning modes and procedures that worked excellently in several parts of the world. However, the success of any of the plans is not necessarily a guarantee that they would be successful in any other environment. It has also clearly come out that the planning processes are synonymous and success is only guaranteed by how effective the process is based on the environment in the study. These strategies target a travelling population and they are a function of the type of tourism, level of tourism and the geography of the place in question.
Comparison between Turkey and Scotland in terms of Tourism Planning and Development
Tourism planning in Turkey is based on a strategy that emphasizes on Planning, Investment and Organization. It is a long term strategy that aims at overall improving tourism in the country for a long period of time. However, the Visit-Scotland strategy is a short term plan that is aimed at maximizing the efforts of the Scottish government for purposes of sustainable economic growth. The Turkey Tourism Strategy also targets domestic tourism thus ensuring that tourism takes place continuously throughout the year. The Scotland Tourism Strategy, however, targets the international community more thus does not outline much about local tourism. The Turks targets leisure tourists who visit the country for purposes for enjoyment and leisure. The Visit-Scotland strategy also targets the business community, thereby appealing more to official travellers and business people seeking platforms for business investment
Interesting points about these strategies
Turkey is hailed for early tourism development. As such, it has an early structural development and beautiful scenery as a major tourism attraction. Scotland is also well known for ancient structural development, Agriculture and Craft. The Turkey Tourism Development Strategy aims more on bringing out their tourist attraction sites even through the use of eye-catching photography. The Visit-Scotland Strategy is more dwelt on protecting the national interests through guarding the environment from pollution and ensuring that visitors connect with the country’s business systems for national development.
Observable Differences in Regional and National Tourism Planning Strategies
The regional strategy targets a wider range of tourists and thereby is more detailed in the strategy. It provides a proper detail in terms of transport systems, facilities and tourism destinations for the purposes of international visitors. The national strategy, targeting a lesser population, is less detailed and provides less information about destinations, but obviously provides information on possible solutions to expected occurrences.
It would be correct to indicate that the second approach would be a better approach. This is because it offers relevant examples to can aid in problem solving. The first approach makes use of complicated approaches that have not been cut down in simple practical examples (Tassiopoulos, 2008). Furthermore, the approach is likely to indicate possible negative effects of several decisions made thus narrowing down expected challenges into a minimum.
Tassiopoulos, D. (2008). New tourism ventures: An entrepreneurial and managerial approach. Cape Town, South Africa: Juta. Read More
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Two Tourism Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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