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Main Street Program - Essay Example

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It is for this reason that most communities have adopted the Main Street Program as a way of contributing to national development. This is because through the Main Street…
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Main Street Program
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Extract of sample "Main Street Program"

MAIN STREET PROGRAM MAIN STREET PROGRAM The development of countries is a collective effort that cannot be left to only a few people to pursue. It is for this reason that most communities have adopted the Main Street Program as a way of contributing to national development. This is because through the Main Street Program, development is decentralised by focusing on the individual efforts of the communities. Dupont Circle in Washington DC is no exception in this direction. There are a number of factors that goes into the consideration of a community’s Main Street program as a success story. Generally, it will be expected that the Main Street in question will satisfy and fall within the general notion and rationale behind the creation of the Main Street program. The National Main Street Centre (2014) noted that the Main Street concept is in place to revitalize and strengthen traditional commercial districts of communities through such approaches such as “existing economic development, historic preservation, city management, or urban and community planning programs.” Based on this description, it can be said on authority that the Historic Dupont Circle Main Street (HDCMS) is part of the Main Street program’s success stories.
Walking through the Dupont Circle, one sees an old city circle that has been transformed into a modern tourist destination where visitors and residents are met with the best of historic landmarks, institutions, transportation system, and best of all, an array of commercially active business environment where several restaurants, hotels, bars and rest stops can be found. HDCMS is over a decade old as it was started in May 2003 through the use of the mayor’s grant. Over the years, there have been records of economic success and transformation, including a swift transition from a place that used to be the hub for illegal and illicit trade and activities. As a local resident, there are a number of factors that can be seen that make Dupont Circle of Washington DC and the HDCMS deserve commendation. In the first place, the community and its leaders can be said to have done well as the HDCMS has been carried out in a very well planned manner. This is because back in May 2003, leaders of the community, led by the major drafted a development plan for the area that spelt out very clear targets and goals that needed to be achieved. Because of this, development agenda has been pursued in a manner that falls according to plan.
Consequently, the haphazard progression of events at the Dupont Circle has not happened. Again, the community has done well by following its five-year program without bridging from it. As part of the five-year program, the community aimed to incubate new small businesses that serve the neighborhood. What is more impressive is that the program has expanded quickly after the five years to serve even more communities and people who visit Dupont Circle for tourist purposes. It is also part of the five-year program to enhance the sense of community that existed at Dupont Circle. Happily, this has been realized as the HDCMS has given the community the identity and recognition it deserves. In concluding, it will be recommended that the community can improve on its artificial landmarks and tourist attractions to conform to global demand for tourism.
The National Main Street Centre (2014). Main Street Program. Retrieved June 1, 2014 from Read More
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