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Analysis of options and recommendations for action - Assignment Example

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The UK tourism industry has achieved a significant growth over the last two decades, and today the tourism sector notably contributes to the country’s GDP. Evidently the fast growth of the country’s tourism industry greatly contributed to the development of other related…
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Analysis of options and recommendations for action
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Download file to see previous pages This change in tourism trend could be attributed to uncertain economic conditions, stagnant salaries, rising inflation, and growing threat of terror attacks. Therefore many of the UK citizens think that it is better to visit domestic tourist destinations that are in close proximity to them so as to maintain a good balance between their income and expenses. Evidently, such an adverse trend change in the tourism sector would negatively affect the travel business. This report will examine how the travel agency could respond to this change and suggest specific strategies to boost sales in the context of the change.
The declining trend of outbound tourism in UK poses great threats to travel and tourism businesses that increasingly rely on people visiting overseas countries (Travel Mole, 2014). The recent global financial crisis together with rising daily living expenses significantly contributed to this trend because people strongly believed that outbound tourism would cause them to incur huge costs. In addition, there has been a trend of decrease in the ownership of overseas holiday homes in UK over the last few years. The English people think that visiting domestic tourist destinations is a better way to cut down huge expenses associated with outbound tourism and save for the future. The growing threat of terror attacks across the world also discourages UK citizens to enjoy overseas holidays or to own overseas holiday homes (Page, 2011, p.75).
A SWOT analysis is a better tool to analyse the internal and external environments of the travel and tourism sectors. While analysing the internal strengths of the UK travel industry, it seems that the country has a well developed infrastructure that support travel and tourism businesses. High cost of operations is a major weakness of these sectors as this issue negatively affects people’s overseas holiday ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Options and Recommendations for Action Assignment)
Analysis of Options and Recommendations for Action Assignment.
“Analysis of Options and Recommendations for Action Assignment”, n.d.
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