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All forms of tourism are supposed to struggle to be sustainable something worthwhile noting. All forms of tourism should work on to this even the so called mass tourism. Securing the planets future needs…
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Download file to see previous pages The report analyses the development of the term sustainable tourism. It highlights on the failures and success of sustainable tourism and in the midst identifying the most significant sustainability issue that the whole operation has to deal with. It also views on the criteria from the industry certification standard of sustainable tourism discussing the operations that stick to the set principles. Various ways of improving sustainability issues are discussed including the interrelationship that exists in social, economic and environmental sustainability aspects.
The term sustainable tourism also referred to as responsible tourism can be defined as an act of making a gesture that brings about a positive difference to individuals and the surroundings of the destinations various people travel to. This can be achieved by following some fair and simple rules which include, giving respect to the local cultures as well as the natural surroundings, helping in protection of endangered wildlife, giving fair and sound economic returns to the families living within the localities by buying locally. Water and energy are extremely valuable resources that need care when using the therefore one should recognize this and practice too (Middleto & Hawkins, 2006). Putting efforts in conserving and enhancing various favorite destinations bearing in mind of the future enjoyment of visitors and the people living within those localities is something commendable. Lastly, it should be the duty of every individual to take responsibility of our own actions while enjoying ourselves.
The projected layout should be in the heart of sustainable development. Three issues thus social, economic and environmental matters are inseparable according to studies. Depending on how well the people balance these three issues in the decisions they make today, the future will heavily rely on it. The tourism sector ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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