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Part1: Hand- out-The rise of the sector - Essay Example

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Tourism is the act of traveling for leisure, recreational, or for business purposes that is often based on limited or short periods of time. Tourists are people who travel from their…
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Part1: Hand- out-The rise of the sector
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Extract of sample "Part1: Hand- out-The rise of the sector"

Travel is an activity where one goes from one place to another, often the place is far away. Tourism is the act of traveling for leisure, recreational, or for business purposes that is often based on limited or short periods of time. Tourists are people who travel from their usual environment and try the outside world for not more than a year for purposes of leisure or business. Tourism is now a global leisure activity. Tourism is categorized as either domestic or international; the international tourism involves the tourists coming and locals going out of a country. In this century tourism is considered by many countries a major source of income and used to boost its economy.
After the World War II in Europe, they experienced the mixed economy that worked amazingly worked well. It helped recover the economy growth at a very quick pace that the world had never experienced. There was production of after-tax and the transfer distribution of income ensured that all was favorably equal and everyone experienced the same rights and opportunities. The post war allowed Western Europe to revolve smoothly to anindustrial economy from its final stages of its structural transformation.
Traveling in the late 19th century was so not as fast as today, there has been a lot of a change in infrastructure.Back in 1790, the vehicles in UK were so few;the roads were long, deep, narrow and unworthy making traveling in long distance was slow and difficult. Only a small number of farmers had horses and wagons that eased the travelling. It took almost a week to travel from Boston to New York on a good horse which used the best roads that ran within major cities near the coast. Whenever it rained in the Inland, the roads were impassable and when dusty the roads were not clear.
There was high productivity in growth before the war and later until 1970s. Manufacturing was influenced and aided by developed technologies. The new high way systems boosted the retail and wholesale, then came the distribution of warehouses and equipment of material handling e.g. forklifts. Coalwas displaced by oil in applications such as locomotives and ships. In the agricultural sector the post-world war II led to the introduction of chemical fertilizers to boost plant growth and enhance exports, the use of machines such as tractors that reduced man labor and worked faster that ox-ploughs, there was also introduction of machine harvesters. The foundation of the Green revolution brought forward the production of a variety of high yield crops. Pesticides were also introduced to help in crop production.
Since WW II, the Travel and Tourism Industry in Europegreatly developed. The main factors that led to this growth in socio-economic circumstances in the Travel and Tourism Industry are:
Increase in Car Ownership
This has been the greatest means of transport that has increased the travel and tourism when one owns a car. Between 1951 and 1970 there was an increase in car ownership and this number doubled by 1990s. The increased car ownership has really boosted the tourism industry now as it enhances visits to attraction sites.
Increase in Leisure time
Nowadays people do not work as much so a lot of time is spent on holidays. In 1950 theworking week had an average of 50 hours but was reduced to 37 – 40 hours.
More disposable income and paid holiday
In this era, many people have money to spend on holidays from their incomes. Paying people at a time they are off utilize this opportunity by going for holidays home and abroad. Thishappened in1938 and became a legal requirement. It is now increased to at least four weeks or more per year.
Extensive use of new technology
Over the past years the technology has revolved thus improving the travel and Tourism industry with the innovation of better transport, computerized systems set at points where travel agents and airports enhance better packaged holidays.
Low Cost Airlines
In the past years, the low cost airlines make big profits in business. Airlines with the low cost include: Ryan air, Easy jets and BMI baby thus many people traveling to different places at cheaper prices.
Package holidays
The introductions of package holidays have improved the business. Packagescome in accommodation and transport all put together to enhance the comfort ability of customers.
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Part1: Hand- Out-The Rise of the Sector Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Part1: Hand- Out-The Rise of the Sector Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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