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Examination of why governments become involved in tourism and events and highlights the roles and the functions that they play within the tourism system - Essay Example

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Tourism is the biggest and fastest growing business and can be described as the complete connection and occurrence result from education and travelling purposes of individuals, given that their stay does not mean the formation of an everlasting habitation (Qin, Wall and Liu,…
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Examination of why governments become involved in tourism and events and highlights the roles and the functions that they play within the tourism system
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Extract of sample "Examination of why governments become involved in tourism and events and highlights the roles and the functions that they play within the tourism system"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from this, the government supports the interest in their environment and cultural resources (Diekmann and McCabe, 2011).
Several countries have been involved in the creation of tourism activities making them develop an agency to cater for the industrial activities (Qin, Wall and Liu, 2011). The main concern of tourism in most countries is to increase economic standards. Different governments should get involved in tourism to provide a suitable environment for tourism and attract minor business within the state to take part in tourism (Qin, Wall and Liu, 2011).
They also aim at protecting the scarcity of capital and manage inexperience within their governments are usually advocated as a basis for states involvement in the action. Socialist governments have a weak private sector managing tourism, while the government takes part in the major roles in controlling tourisms. The state creates several jobs to their citizens through tourism and hotel industries (Qin, Wall and Liu, 2011).
In developing countries, they face numerous challenges in inexpert private areas and they have scarcity of capital and lack of enough monetary resources (Diekmann and McCabe, 2011). This makes the entire process of tourism a responsibility of the government instead of private sectors within the country. This involvement is highly influenced by their interests in profits made from tourism.
Challenges resulting from tourism can only be reduced or controlled by the governments mainly when the benefits of the local sector differ from individuals of the group and state as a whole (Diekmann and McCabe, 2011). The other major responsibility of the government is to increase social, political and economic development resulting from tourism. For instance, the China government, which is a socialist government, is highly controlled by the state. Their policy has a profound impact on tourism (Diekmann and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Examination of Why Governments Become Involved in Tourism and Events Essay.
“Examination of Why Governments Become Involved in Tourism and Events Essay”, n.d.
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