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With reference to relevant academic and trade sources, explain the provision of your topic within your chosen destination and suggest how it may develop in the future - Essay Example

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The scenes of picturesque locations shown in a movie attract tourists, the audiences notice while watching movies. Be it filming The Hobbit in the New Zealand, or the…
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With reference to relevant academic and trade sources, explain the provision of your topic within your chosen destination and suggest how it may develop in the future
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Extract of sample "With reference to relevant academic and trade sources, explain the provision of your topic within your chosen destination and suggest how it may develop in the future"

Download file to see previous pages ilm induced tourism is not new, it is just that it wasnt predicted in the beginning, the movie business was supposed to be about arts and not financial gains for the tourism industry. However it has changed the overall film production business. There is sufficient evidence present that shows by portraying a place in an attractive fashion tourists and visitors would flock to that place. They might have heard about the place before, but seeing it in a movie and especially in the context of the plot, it leaves a unique impact on the audience. This is a form of subliminal advertisement.
Since 1935, movies have changed how they impact the audiences. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) was the first movie that attracted huge number of visitors to the location of the shooting (Roesch, 2009, p. 8), and Tahini turned into a major tourist location only because the film was shot there. By the filming of great masterpieces such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Bridge on the River Kwai (1958) and The Sound of Music (1965), their respective locations have turned them into Makkah for tourists.
The great upsurge in tourist influx because of Hollywood movies did not come until the release of the blockbuster Jaws (1975). This movie proved that movies can be a marketable commodity, an attraction to lure tourists in to visit the locations shown in the movie. The era of the 70s is also marked by the expansion seen in the Hollywood world by the emergence of production companies like the Walt Disney, Time Warner, and Bertelsmann. These production giants were not only confined to making movies, they started investing in theme parks and other tourist attractions. They realized how the success of the movie can contribute to business of tourism.
Suddenly the movies were not only about film production, many factors started going into the production and the eventual outcome of the movie. For instance a movie might not do very good on the box office (the movie Godzilla is an excellent example of this) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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With Reference to Relevant Academic and Trade Sources, Explain the Essay.
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