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Puerto Rico - Essay Example

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Puerto Rico has a large rain forest, sandy-white beaches, underground caves and mountainous. The island is full of freshly supplied water from its rain forest (Dietz 84). My…
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Puerto Rico
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Extract of sample "Puerto Rico"

Puerto Rico On the East part of Caribbean, there is an island called Puerto Rico, which has San Juan, as its capital. Puerto Rico has a large rain forest, sandy-white beaches, underground caves and mountainous. The island is full of freshly supplied water from its rain forest (Dietz 84). My academic course and personal experience were enhanced after I watched an event portraying Puerto Rico’s history and landscape. Part of my academic course entails studying tourism and tourist attraction sites. According to my personal experiences, I have always been fascinated with tourist sites. Through my research, I gained information on some places around the world which tourists categorize to be the most breathtaking amazing sites.
My academic course incorporates the subject of tourism; the event enriched my understanding of Puerto Rico as a tourist location. The event is also related to my academic course in the sense that, it has served as a learning resource to me. This event, relates to the holidays we are currently having, in that, it will be a destination site during the holiday. Watching the event is more like watching Puerto Rico being advertised as a tourist destination site. This program relates to both international and global issue since people all around the world are interested with phenomenal tourist site such as Puerto Rico. Since the program acts like an advertisement tool, it influences global tourism (Dietz 87).
Watching the event, made me remember, the first experience I had when I was touring the Caribbean Islands. I reminisced over the thrilling feelings I had some years back when I walked on white sandy beaches for the first time. In particular, I appreciate the fact that I got first hand and detailed information on Puerto Rico. The program, showed spectacular features on the landscape, such as different kinds of coral reefs, which I had never come through when researching on tourist sites. Through the program, I gained more knowledge on Puerto Rico’s history. The information on the landscape made me appreciate and understand some geography, because it talked of how the various physical features on the island came to be formed. (Dietz 83).
Work Cited
Dietz J. Puerto Rico: Negotiating Development and Change. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2003. Print Read More
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Puerto Rico Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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