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The paper 'Summer Trip around America' presents Spring 2007, the author of the paper had a vacation from the school which they call spring vacation and it was 9 days e/she thinks because he/she was in the language center and their vacation was kind of short for hi/her…
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Summer Trip around America
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In the same day, the time was around 9 p.m and we got reserved the tickets online and our place was at 7 in the morning. We got a really a good package and it includes Car, ticket and the hotel. In this day, we did not sleep we were staying all day until the day after and at 8 we were at the Denver airport.
We flew directly from Denver to Orlando. We were so excited to get out of Denver the flight seemed only to take an hour instead of the four it really took.
After we arrived there, both of us were like sleepy and dizzy we went to the airport to get the car that we already rented.
we went to the rental car office and we gave him the confirmation number for us and my friend for his license to get a copy of it. When he just took it and went thru the copy machine he just came back and said: sorry we can not give you the car because you are under 21 and I was under 21 too...!!!
The problem is we were planning to go and visit many places, I was sleeping a little , but when I heard that I got disappointed ( lol ) and my friend too, and then we told him we already rented an online so we already have a confirmation number and we tried with him like for half an hour and then he said ok but you will be charging more double more ..
The car which we already chose it on the site was: Musting Shelby GT 500 comfortable 2008, but he said because you are under 21 it should be much much much expensive around 2600$. Then we rented the regular Mustang which was much lesser than the Shelby GT.
There is something very exciting about driving around in a city you have never been to in a car you have never driven before.
Then, we were looking at the restaurant we were Hungary and we didn't eat anything for 4 hours in the plane because we were sleeping, we found a nice little Mexican restaurant right on the beach. Two guys were playing live music with an acoustic guitar. It was a pretty pleasant experience, except for the fact that we were exhausted after flying for over four hours.
After that we went to the hotel, we were staying at Floridays Resort hotel and it was 2 miles away from Disney World.
After that in the nine days that we were staying, we wanted to see as much as we could because we were only staying nine days for the whole trip. We bought passes to the Disney World complex that gave us a lot of freedom. The passes that we bought was a regular one but then we discovered that they have two kinds of passes for the 4 parks: they express one and the regular one. For the express pass, you don't have to wait on the line unless too many people have the same pass card as you have. We could go wherever we wanted with just one pass. We had a great time doing the typical tourist stuff. The rides at the different parks were fun. I am now a devoted fan of roller coasters! But after two or three days, everything started to look the same. That’s when I began to notice how some of the people acted towards one another in the amusement parks. I started to notice how parents interacted with their children that were misbehaving. Some were yelling and impatient. Some were attentive and tried to keep their tired children happy. Read More
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(Summer Trip Around America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1370 Words - 2)
Summer Trip Around America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1370 Words - 2.
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