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An essay "Economic Impacts of Tourism" claims that the economic impacts in the tourism sector immediately ask for grants, loan, and stipends to be given to the people who have an indirect or for that matter direct role in the building up of structures, buildings, and pathways…
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Economic Impacts of Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages The economic impacts in the tourism sector immediately ask for grants, loans and stipends to be given to the people who have an indirect or for that matter direct role in the building up of structures, buildings, and pathways – all of which come under the tourist attraction cycle. (Jafari, 2000) The economy gets a facelift and there are changes in the lines of commerce and industry since the country realizes its true potential elsewhere. Consequently, people come to terms with the advancements and technological changes that start to happen within such lands and thus hail the efforts undertaken by the related ministries. It builds a bridge between the different publics which are playing an active role in this impacting cause – tourism development and management within a country. The publics comprise of the locals who would be more than willing to offer hotel/motel services, transport facilities and the like; as well as the foreigners which come towards this region in order to enjoy and learn a bit more about the scenery. Tourism is a vast field that has immense economic advantages. The need is to understand the right kinds of interactivity regimes and reject the negative image and propaganda, however, it is wise and in the best interest of building public relations that the government and the authorities always speak unanimously the truth that exists. Shortcomings related to the region and the problems that could happen for the tourists must be educated in advance so that the tourists are given a choice as per their respective undertakings and journeys. The effects of tourism on the region are apparent but what it brings to the country’s foreign reserves is important. It opens up the path that leads towards success since the government finds out the cash cow – the tourism industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Impacts of Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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