Southern Turkey city of Bodrum and Cradle of Ancient Civilization, Egypt - Essay Example

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The paper "Southern Turkey city of Bodrum and Cradle of Ancient Civilization, Egypt" will begin with the statement that traveling and expedition always provide one with myriads of experiences whereby he/she comes to understand a lot of things, which have been unknown to him or her hitherto…
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Southern Turkey city of Bodrum and Cradle of Ancient Civilization, Egypt
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Download file to see previous pages Bodrum was much more than a tourist spot for me – it was where I spent most of my childhood, a place that reminds me of many nostalgic experiences, feelings, and emotions. Egypt, even after my visit, didn’t create much lasting impression in me, as it was an alien land with monotonous desert; but I could see a common strain of traditional Islamic culture in both countries.
It was a wonderful, thrilling experience to sail down to the city of Bodrum, as we used to visit there by car, bus or plane before. The other two were Berk, my best friend, and Erdem, another good friend of mine. Besides, we were childhood friends who knew each other for quite a long period. Our destination was not the Marina of the Bodrum but the bay where our houses were. We decided so because we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant there and eat the traditional Turkish food ‘Manli’. The restaurant meant a lot to us, as the delicious taste of the ‘Manli’ always fascinated us. It was really refreshing to sail through the Aegean Sea that looked endless blue. The soothing cold breeze, the murmuring sound of the water movement and the mild sound of the engine all provided us something to cherish for our future. Both of them were good at sailing and operating boats whereas I did not have any experience of sailing even though I had a certificate of yachting.
The Boat we traveled belonged to Beck’s family and it had three cabins, a kitchen, and a sitting place. We scheduled our voyage in early May. After summer, the weather got colder and we had to resort to our sweaters for protection. Whenever there were light winds, we turned our engine down which helped us to see the happy curious dolphins come nearby. At night, we reached the small bayside city called Ayvalik and for dinner, we cooked fish that we brought with us from Istanbul. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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