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Egypt, Rome, and Ancient China - Admission/Application Essay Example

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These ancient civilizations’ techniques, concepts, and inventions, enabled humankind advancement and laid the foundation for the life of the…
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Egypt, Rome, and Ancient China
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Extract of sample "Egypt, Rome, and Ancient China"

Download file to see previous pages Human beings began to settle in one place, growing and cultivating their own foodstuff, and constructing permanent houses. It was during this time when people started forming the first cities. The present paper aims at discussing why Egypt, Rome, ancient China were the most important ancient civilizations.
China is an important ancient civilization due to its creation of culture. According to most historical contexts, civilization in China occurred at around 2000 BCE near the Yellow River. China is an important civilization since it served as the home for one among the four civilized republics around the world. However, the country was different comparing with the other civilizations (Woods and Mary 43). One of its importances is that, the culture that it developed during the ancient time resulted to the current developed china. China is an important civilization since it is one of the developed countries internationally and has many positive impacts towards economic development of the developing countries.
Another importance of ancient China is that it led to the development of agriculture and farming in the world. For instance, the northern plains of China are the central area where Chinese people carry out farming practices especially Rice farming. Rice is currently the main food in China is grown in warm areas called rice paddies, which were developed during the ancient time (Spielvogel 27). China is among the leading exporters of rice in the world, hence making it to be among the most important ancient civilizations. China is also an important civilization due to the production of silk clothing. China also led to the development of written materials. For instance, the Shang, which was the oldest civilization in China, left behind writing records referred to as Oracle bones made from cattle shoulders and turtle shells.
In addition, during the Dynasty of Zhou, Confucianism and Taoism developed. These were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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