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Resort Taxonomy - Assignment Example

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Critique Name Tutor Date Introduction Resort classification has failed to produce a definition that are based on a firm description of resort. The article proposed such a classification that allows industry comparisons through typologies and geographic limits…
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Resort Taxonomy
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Extract of sample "Resort Taxonomy"

Download file to see previous pages The explanation that the current categorization methods are based on some specific recreational activities or specific features that a resort possesses, is not also mentioned. The objection on such a classification is that a resort may fall into several categories this way. There is also not mention how clarity in categorization can be achieved by classifying resorts in mutually distinct categories. While explaining the resort classification criteria, the content has skillfully explained how it differs from existing methods. However, it fails to mention why only four categories and made for resorts and how they seem to classify all types of resorts. Definition of Resort Further on, the fact that why resorts have different overlapping definitions and why people seem comfortable to keep the definition of it broad has been ignored. The point to investigate is what people generally think of when resort is mentioned e.g. even if resorts fall in multiple categories, what are the basic features that every resort should possess that people generally think of? The existing processes do not specifically provide clarity in classifying resorts; however it fails to mention the features of a resort that makes the categorization unclear in existing processes. One point raised is that resort is termed for even those places that possess non resort properties. Once again it fails to mentions what non resort properties are. ...
It does mention that the approach may help the academics who carry out researches. No highlighting of how those classifications may help the consumers who will be targeted as a result of these researches and how to make the classification process understandable for them has been bothered about.. If we see from the review of the literature, the existing definitions of a resort also relied on the characteristics that a resort possesses. An attractive way of description on how the newly found definition maps to expectations and interpretations of consumers of resorts has been made. There is also a mention and explanation that there is a six pointer definition that is derived for a resort after this research. These six points are agreed upon by the industry people who agreed to appear in the interview so it reflects the agreed upon points in a definition. No points of disagreement between the professionals have mentioned, suggested or argued. The points of disagreement may help future research in determining what factors usually do not matter to the consumers and which ones do not impact the people who belong for people who belong with the resort business. It also highlights which features actually belong to other categories of hotel stay and what reflect a true essence of vacation. It has successfully managed to discuss the implications of the definition in terms of consumer expectations of a resort. The comprehensive definition seems to encompass all what a consumer desires for in a resort. After the successive rounds of interviews, the definition is formed of a resort and it concludes that the industry professionals agree on the fact that the definition of a resort should comprise on the fact that it should encompass the amenities and features ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Resort Taxonomy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Resort Taxonomy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Resort Taxonomy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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