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Project Eden Table of Contents Introduction 3 Strategic Capability analysis using Kay’s distinctive capabilities framework 4 Environment Analysis of Eden Project using PESTEL framework 6 Analysis of Eden Project’s Strategic Purpose 8 SWOT analysis 9 5 possible alternative courses of action 10 Evaluation of 5 alternative course of action on the basis of mission and vision of Eden Project 11 Advantages and disadvantages for the each possible alternative course of action 14 First Course of Action: Developing a new entrepreneurship research centre 14 Second Course of Action: Promote awareness through marketing campaign 15 Third Course of Action: Developing a medical center 15 Fourth course of…
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Develop the Eden Project
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Download file to see previous pages It is of high importance to mention that the evolution of the telecommunication technology along with the process of evolution of high speed internet and various kinds of technology enabled gadgets has resulted in the process of playing a tremendous amount of influence in the lives of the masses around the world. It needs to be mentioned that because of the lines of emergence of high speed internet connectivity, the network of communication channels has improved in a drastic manner all over the world. The internet has played a major role in the process of creating the channels of communication in the various regions of the developed as well as the developing economies. It can be rightly said that it is of considerable importance to highlight that this technology powered development has resulted in the process of transformation of the globe, where the entire world can be represented and increasingly seen as a single and well connected global entity. Because of this technology powered transformation of the world around us, there has always been a steady evolution of various kinds of trends associated with the factor of globalization and innovation. The trends of globalization as well as innovation that are emerging from all corners of the world are increasingly getting diffused at a very rapid pace and it is happening irrespective of the fact of whether the regions are located in the developed or developing economies. The rapid diffusion of the trends of globalization and innovation is resulting in the process of evolution of various kinds of new types of consumer demands. These new consumer demands are increasingly paving the way for a significant amount of business opportunity. In this case, the focus is on Eden Project. The Eden Project is a tourist setup in the region of Cornwall in United Kingdom. The project has been developed on a very entrepreneurial as well as innovative note. The entire tourist attraction spot has been built on a former 200 ft deep clay fit and currently comprises of two giant biomes. It has been opened to the public in the year 2001 (Smale, 2006). The uniqueness of the entire project is the fact that the project is aimed to develop and enhance an understanding among the public that a successful business can be conducted by developing a sustainable approach to life as well as to the planet as whole. This assignment is focused on developing a strategic analysis using various models as well as identifying various possible courses of action which will have a compatibility with the various short and long term goals as well as operational perspectives of the tourist site. Strategic Capability analysis using Kay’s distinctive capabilities framework From the academic point of view, the strategic capability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Develop the Eden Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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