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Greenwashing - Essay Example

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Greenwashing: Business and Social Responsibility Greenwashing: Business and Social Responsibility Coping with the demands of the rapidly changing facet of the business world today, entrepreneurs of most of the business firms cannot escape the essential call of social responsibility…
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Extract of sample "Greenwashing"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is meant to make a travel through the realities of the profit-bothered present day business world and the upshot that is facing the next generation. There is no doubt that a unit of production of anything has to compromise with their controls to reduce garbage; however, the efforts it is willing to take to control the mishandling of such industrial wastes discriminates among the standards of various companies. In this alarming context, it becomes a collective responsibility of the people to protect their environment in order to get rid of the hazards in any form. If a standardized approach to ensure the shielding of environment is concerned, there arises the need for initiating the efforts to ensure the widely approved ‘green washing’ trials to save the earth from further degradation. To uncover the fact of social wellbeing lying in the core of every collective human effort, businessmen of the current time have to realize that the profitability of their motives takes the right path only when the social requirements are fulfilled. The efforts of the visionaries to invoke the retailer giants and their sources are taking a better lead in the recent past as more and more customers are turning green-friendly by acting upon the need for refreshing the environmental conditions either directly or indirectly, thanks to their identification of most potential threats (The sins of greenwashing). However, the preference of customers to adopt a particular product that serves a specific purpose takes a categorical influx of differentiated opinions about making the right choice. In fact, it is not predictable as to what proportion of the customers is satisfied with most of the products they use daily. The need for a rethinking has to be identified with the managements of businesses that are directly dealing with the routine needs of the buyers in which they can implement trials on improving their social identity as responsible entities. The alarming fact of uncontrollably increasing domestic garbage and the plastic disposal are the greatest actors in the challenges against the world nowadays. Many countries have recently developed a mechanism to promote the idea of protecting the environment by urging the common public as well as the visitors to adopt nature-friendly lifestyles. However, there are many witnesses from actual recipients of the evil face of many of the hoteliers and restaurant owners who comfortably compromise with their standards of such an ‘all green’ operation of their businesses. From the experience note of Lane (2011), it is so indicative as he says that most of such posters and catalogues that declare the ‘noble’ causes of behind the ‘love-all-green’ urges of the owners are no more beneficial than saving their cost-cut tactics by reducing the use of electricity and water whereby creating inconvenience to the guests. In most of the situations where the organizers of tours and holidays prepare sincere campaigns against the use of materials disastrous to the natural conditions of their own locations, plastic bags and containers are still a notable item of their trade. Developed countries like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Greenwashing In The Hotel Industry

...the internal working of the organization and their sustainable business practices. Therefore as more companies adopt green campaigns, consumers are getting more confused with the real meaning of “green ,“ with branding experts finding it difficult to issue certification in green marketing due to increased public concern’s regarding ‘greenwashing’ in such organizations. In July 2007, one of the highly influential blogs had a number of contributions about hotels that indicated that Going Green is just but a big deception in the hotel industry (Jessica, 2008). The blog reported on green practice of reputable establishments such as the Fairmont Hotels, Kempton Hotels and Restaurants, Starwood’s, and Marriot...
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Dealing with Greenwashing in Hotels

... in which they comply with environmental standards. Consequently, there are a large number of hotels, pretending to offer eco-friendly services on the surface, with no tangible or practical results in the market today, as customers portray more preference to environmental sustainable services. This is known as greenwashing. This paper discusses the use of strict control and monitoring, and tough penalties as effective ways to discourage greenwashing in hotels. Gallicano (2011) describes ‘Greenwashing’ as the act of deliberately misleading consumers on the environmental practices adhered to by an establishment regarding their services and products. This term evolved from the public awareness where the public discovered there were major...
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To What Extent is BP Guilty of Greenwashing to present an environmentally responsible public image." It is argued that the presence of the word in the dictionary indicates the growing trend of this phenomenon among corporations. The trend of 'greenwashing' seems to be on the rise as oil companies, known to reap heavily from degradation of the soil, pollution of the air and global warming, realise that they have to re-present themselves as partners towards global climate solutions, manufacturers of automobiles, jets and airplanes realise they can launder their image even as they promote their products and companies in all industries realise the importance of presenting their activities and products as climate-friendly, to make socially conscious investors and...
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The Features of Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

..., even though firms have been attempting to relate their CSR with their corporate objectives and missions, very often discrepancies are found in their actions. It is also important to respond to the demand of the situation and the environment before allegations are hurled at the company. The perception of the stakeholders is important for survival and what has been done needs to be conveyed through the right medium. Companies need to take care not to engage in greenwashing but to actually serve the very society in which they thrive. CSR should be used as a strategic tool to enhance the brand image and the profits. It pays to be ethical because being unethical is a short term strategy with short-term profits. References: Alison, M. (2003...
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Turn Around Management - Ford Motor Company

...-Heinemann, 1999. 10) Lukesh, Richard J. “Theory of Constraints: Production management”. TMA. 1998. Available at: (accessed on 05 September 2008). 11) Lunsford, J. Lynn and Jeffrey McCracken. “New company, same problems for Ford’s CEO”. Post-gazette. 2006. Available at: (accessed on 05 September 2008). 12) Lydersen, Kari. “Activists deride Ford over fuel inefficiency, ‘Greenwashing’”. The New Standard. 2005. Available at: (Accessed on 05 September 2008). 13) Spinks, Jez. Jaguar: “Why Ford’s big cat faced extinction”. Drive. 2008. Available at:
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The Generic Strategic Choices employed product differentiation strategy by way of branding of products. Re-branding efforts are adopted by BP in order to attain larger customer base. The BP Plc has concentrated on the corporate campaign strategy for creating brand image of quality product and honest consumer transactions in order to gain the customer loyalty by reconciling their need for fuel with less pollution efforts. “Since 2000, BP's "Beyond petroleum" campaign, via WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather, has been praised by the consumer business press and awards shows as a prescient model of credible corporate social responsibility and criticized by skeptics as "greenwashing" by an oil producer and refiner that's no different from its competitors.” (Solman 2008)....
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Product Service System, Greenwashing, Green Marketing

...controversial BP or British Petroleum has also been indicted for greenwashing. The $200 million dollar rebranding campaign the company enacted in 2000 advertised the green element they hoped to project. Citing the company as going “beyond petroleum” when in fact there had been several incidents of fatalities in oil spills in Alaska and refinery explosions (Esty and Winston, 2006). No other incident could prove this than the massive gulf oil spill which resulted to the United States’ biggest ecological disaster. B. Outline advice on how companies could avoid Greenwashing Esty and Winston advise that “complete dedication and attention to detail” are necessary for the realization of eco-orientation....
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Green Consumption or Sustainable Lifestyles

...of the newspapers from Japan, Thailand and China came to the conclusion that green ads can often be false and illusory. Many of the manufacturers in these countries used green ads to promote a green company reputation rather than actually concentrating on the environmental impact of their goods and services. This results in greenwashing. Greenwashing is referred to the practice of doing something that is actually deleterious to the environment; however an image is projected that the good or the product is actually environmentally-friendly. Thus, it is green advertising without environmental substance (May et al., 2007). Misleading labeling of products and advertising is one of the reasons why green...
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The European Airline Industry

...-21 Smith, S 2005, The strategies and effects of low-cost airlines, retrieved 10 December 2010 from Snowcarbon, 2009, An airlines guide to greenwashing, retrieved 10 December 2010 from Sull, D 1999, easyJet’s $500 Million Gamble, European Management Journal, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 20–38.... Introduction The European airline industry has historically been heavily regulated by individual countries in a bid to protect their own carriers(Sull, 1999). As flag-carriers started accumulated losses, deregulation and liberalization opened the way for many low-cost start-up carriers. easyJet started operations in 1995 from London’s...
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Anglo-Saxon Market Economies

...the ‘man as devil’ businessman would misuse the powers of business. Likewise, corporations could use the shield of CSR in order to exaggerate their abilities and judgments. The managers of the companies can assert on the social responsibility role of the corporations while at the same time they are using the cloak of this social welfare to remain in control of the operation of business dynamics. By subtly masking the true nature of their intents through CSR, corporations are able to diversify and monopolize their influence and decision-making power into an array of non-business aspects, gaining the status of “benevolent dictators” in the process (Banerjee 2007). The term greenwashing id used extensively in this respect. Greenwashing...
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