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Carnival Cruise Line, The Fun Ship - Assignment Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Carnival Cruise Lines: A Brief Analysis Though there is nothing specifically wrong with seeking to become a low-cost leader of any specific industry, such a stance does necessarily have more than a few drawbacks which present themselves within the course of doing business…
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Carnival Cruise Line, The Fun Ship
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Extract of sample "Carnival Cruise Line, The Fun Ship"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas such an approach may work well in many other product or service offerings that exist within the current economy, oftentimes when people go on vacation luxury and immunity are some of the first things that they seek to ensure our present. Although there is nothing wrong with seeking to make Carnival Cruise Lines the Walmart of cruise lines, publicly stating such an approach is likely have a negative impact on sales and further foster negative images within the consumer. Anytime one seeks to engage with the given firm as a means of determining its overall strength within the market, it is necessary to perform what is known as a SWOT analysis. Such a SWOT analysis is merely shorthand for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats the present themselves to given firm with any given market. Accordingly, in analyzing Carnival Cruise Lines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, it is the understanding of the student that the most salient strengths are with regards to its recognizable name, large budget and extent vessels and staff, and overall profitability of the brand. Each of these strengths helps the firm, even if economic difficulties present themselves, to continue to exist and draw upon these strengths as a means of furthering business. Likewise, with regards to weaknesses, it can be understood that Carnival Cruise Lines exhibits the following: poor public relations, bad image, and a brand that is struggling to differentiate itself within a market that is increasingly saturated. Similarly, with regards to opportunities, these can be understood as a means to counter the weaknesses that it been previously mentioned (DATAMONITOR, 2013). Accordingly, the opportunities are as follows: working to increase public relations, building a better image, and finding a more appropriate way to can P with and stand apart from the many forms of competition the currently exist within the market. Lastly, the threats that it been chosen to be analyzed within this brief response are concentric upon the following: noticeable downturn in economy, reduction in overall number of people each year choosing cruises as their preferred means of vacation travel, and the demographic shift that threatens to further reduce cruise participation once the baby boomer generation discontinues their currently high level of vacation spending. As a function of these specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, the reader can come to be understanding that the primary issue facing Carnival Cruise Lines is with regards to the extent which it continue to be relevant within the current market, as well as speak to specific concerns that individuals within society have doubtless come to realize with respect to the overall cleanliness, hygiene, and safety of cruises as a form of relaxation and vacation. As with any firm, one of the most effective means of determining the overall financial success that it is enjoyed over the past several years is to review the stock price and draw inference upon the means by which investors have valued the company over time. As a function of performing this particular analysis with current cruise lines, it can be determined that the most financially turbulent times were of course realize right after the financial crash 2007/2008 (Conant, 2013). At such a time, Carnival Cruise L ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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