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In the paper “Cruise ship tourism” the author analyzes the cruise industry, which is more competitive than fragmented industries because the cruise industry has the ability to build new ships that have neon lighting and bright colors that have never been witnessed in the fragmented industry before…
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Cruise ship tourism
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Download file to see previous pages The structure of the cruise industry is more likely to resemble monopoly because the industry has executed a lot of changes in the brand that is so much different from the carnival of the past. The pricing in the cruise industry has continued to lead, with an average price per person in a day being approximately $175, compared to other industries that are slated to be $ 235. The cruise industry has also improved the onboard products and ships thus making it have a competitive advantage above the rest of other industries. Driving such a change has been the core objective and vision of Carnival (Gibson, Papthanassis, & Milde, 2011). The aspect of consistently providing quality cruise vacations exceeding the expectation of the industry’s guests is more likely to make the company become a monopolist since its services will exceed those provided by other industries.Question 3        The various brands operated by Carnival Corp. do not have synergies. It is wise for Carnival to acquire brands outside of the contemporary market niche in order to bring a different brand into the market. This will ensure that the company effectively competes with other companies within the industry (Gibson, Papthanassis, & Milde, 2011). Carnival should also acquire brands outside of the contemporary market so as to improve its field-sales force as well as to grow direct-sales effort that include an inbound and outbound channel of personal vacation planners. The acquired brands will also help Carnival direct its efforts in stimulating demand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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