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Experiencing Travels - Essay Example

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Travelling can be an interesting experience. It could be an adventure where one can view wonderfully-made nature or the amazing engineering of men. It could also be educational because when one is exposed to a variety of sceneries, a person gets informed and knowledgeable about them…
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Experiencing Travels
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Extract of sample "Experiencing Travels"

Full Experiencing Travels Travelling can be an interesting experience. It could be an adventure where one can view wonderfully-made nature or the amazing engineering of men. It could also be educational because when one is exposed to a variety of sceneries, a person gets informed and knowledgeable about them. An individual also gets to meet a lot of people to whom he communicates with and learns a lot of information which could be helpful not only in improving one’s self but perhaps even in enhancing one’s socio-economic status. For instance, one may discover a business opportunity or get an idea from a way of life that could possibly be embraced in business. Moreover, traveling could also be a relaxing experience, escaping the demanding environment in the city. For some, it is a necessity because it is a part of their work to travel especially in this highly globalized time. However, travelling could also be a harrowing experience because of the time it demands. It is exhausting because a person needs to sit for hours. Perhaps, it is for this reason that there are several kinds of transportation that are always trying to improve their services for travelers to have the best experience and to cater to the necessities and wants of pilgrims. An individual may choose to travel through the airlines when he is in a hurry. Airplanes permit quick locomotion which is necessary for business people who need to travel in a short period of time. Airlines provide fast mobility because planes travel faster than cars or other land and water transportations. Airplanes can pass by different places in just a matter of minutes. When using cars to travel through lands and seas, one needs other means of transportation like boats or ships to be able to arrive at his destination. The process even takes hours or days. In contrast, one can just travel over lands and seas through planes in just a matter of hours. However, since planes travel fast and cannot stop in the middle of the atmosphere; viewing could be limited to only a few seconds. One cannot stop when using the airlines as compared to travelling in cars where a traveler may always choose to stop on scenic areas to view the beauty of the place. Nevertheless, the view from the sky can be equally exhilarating because it is only through air transportations that one can have a bird’s eye-view of what is below. For travelers who want to enjoy the view of what they pass by, travelling by car is a good choice. Since cars are slower than planes, the voyager may arrive at his destination later however, the journey could be filled with different beautiful sights which really compensate for the long travel. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, travels can be limited on land when using cars because the transportation cannot be used to travel on water. Therefore, when one needs to go to a place where there are no bridges connecting the lands, other means of transportation would be needed. For instance, a person from America cannot simply travel by car to Europe because there are bodies of water between them which a car cannot travel on. Travelers who have more than enough time to spend on the road can use cars but those who cannot waste time must take the plane. Nonetheless, travelling through airlines can also become a problem because of certain issues often experienced with travel agencies. There is the problem of flight cancellations especially in times of environmental disturbances such as hurricanes and floods. Of course land transportations can also be affected with such calamities however, when one decides to use the car, the trip could be made earlier in order to make sure the traveler arrives at the destination on time. Whereas, when one plans to ride the plane but when the appointed time comes, there is an environmental disturbance which greatly affects the plan; one will have no other choice but to postpone the trip. Since this is an important factor which needs to be considered, people concerned use science and technology to improve their services. For example, airlines often monitor weather disturbances in order for them to get ready with certain precautions, informing customers about expected delays. This oftentimes makes customers able to adjust to changes of schedules and other necessary actions taken. Commuting through cars can go through similar disturbances however, for travelers, they seem to expect more delays when using land transportation. Perhaps what makes people expect too much from airlines is the technology used nowadays which has no other objective than to make things easier for people. In the example given about the weather disturbances, people anticipate airlines to be updated with information so they should be effective in handling such situations. Whatever kind of transportation one takes, travels can be exciting or tiring. Both planes and cars mobilize people but they give certain benefits at certain rates. Whatever one chooses to take will always be dictated by the needs and capabilities of customers that is why different kinds of transportation are made available. Using the plane to travel just one mile can be ridiculous and travelling overseas through car can be impossible. Therefore, whatever advantages and disadvantages there may be in travelling through air or land, things should also be placed into perspective considering distance and time. Read More
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