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Tourism the best seven countries to visit - Essay Example

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Travelling to different parts of the world has its own pleasures and uses; it is quite a great recreational activity. One gets to learn plenty from the different cultures, places, and people one visits and comes across…
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Tourism the best seven countries to visit
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Download file to see previous pages Travelling to different parts of the world has its own pleasures and uses; it is quite a great recreational activity. One gets to learn plenty from the different cultures, places, and people one visits and comes across. I have short listed seven countries that I find interesting, places that I have visited and places which I would like to go to in the future. Each of them has their own geographical features that distinguishes them from other countries. The countries’ statistics that I shall be mentioning later include the capital cities, the historic places, the geographical map, the currency in use and other notable features. Qatar The country which tops the list is where I am originally from. Qatar is an amazing place, particularly during the months of November to April. This is when the scorching temperature lowers down and the weather becomes pleasant and cool, the level of humidity falls and there is even a little rainfall. It is, I think, better for the families to visit this country due to the country’s strict laws regarding how men and women are supposed to act in public. So it would not quite suit a couple, particularly those who are big on public displays of affection. Once there, the visitor should make sure to change their money to the local currency which is the Qatari Riyal. The country is famous for its shopping malls, which are relatively expensive places such as Al Khor Mall, Lagoona Mall and Safari Hypermarket. Other places to visit are: The Kingdom of Aladdin, The Zoo, Al Rumaila Park, Dahl El-Hamam Public Park, Khor Al Udaid Beach, Al Jassasiya, Oryx Farm, Water Sports and Cruises, Desert Safari. Travelling to these places, one may need to hire cars or get a cab or use a bus. (Orr, 2008) Thailand Another country worth checking out is Thailand, the place I visited last summer, which I was told is the hottest time of the year. Those who would rather not be vacationing in such heat should book the tickets for the months of November to February when the weather is relatively cooler. You can go to this country with your family or your partner. It has enough attractions for both, some of them being Koh Samuei, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Pai and also Ko Tarutao, Ayuthaya, Ko Chang, Similan Islands. Shopping zones include Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, Platinum Fashion Mall Prince Palace, Natural Ville and Sivatel Bangkok. Then, of course, there are the beaches Thailand is famous for. These can be reached through various modes of transport from motorbikes, bicycles, tuk-tuks to bamboo rafts. What is notable is that the prices are relatively affordable in comparison to the European countries; the currency used is Thai Baht. (Boraas & Tracey, 2002) India Another Asian country is India, which I would like to visit between the months of October to March since it would be cooler then. It is purely suited for family outings since the culture is Eastern and there are certain behaviorisms to be followed. But it does not mean that one cannot enjoy the visit, this country does have a lot to offer like the shopping zones such as Dil Hatt, Chandi Chowk, Connaught Place, Hauz Khas and Atria Millennium Mall. Other places to see are: the Taj Mahal in Agra, the various temples, the India Gate, the forts in Jaipur, even the beaches in Goa in particular and Mysore. The currency is the Indian Rupee and its low value makes spending time in the country very cheap. One can go around the place in railways, rickshaws or taxis and even cars. (Singh, 2009) United States of America Everyone is familiar with this country which is so vast that one can visit this place at any time of the year, but September is the month most preferred. Again, a trip to the USA is suitable for both: family as well as couples. There are many tourist attractions, again, most of which we all are already aware of, some being the historic places, the Statue of Liberty, the Niagara Falls, the casinos in Las Vegas, etc. Some of the shopping zones ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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