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Tourism and environment - Research Paper Example

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People are always interested in visiting new places, landmarks, monuments, naturally beautiful places, beaches etc in order to relieve their mental…
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Tourism and environment
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Download file to see previous pages This paper briefly explains the negative impacts of tourism on culture, history and environment of a country.
Culture is an important aspect of a country which gives a unique look to the country. For example, Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world whereas Saudi Arabia is witnessed as a traditional Muslim country. Tourism is an opportunity of the locals to know more about the external world. The Muslim dominated Middle East region is advanced rapidly because of the contributions of the westerners. The technology used for extracting the oil from the underground sources by the Middle Eastern countries as are borrowed from the westerners. In fact, in many of the critical positions in Middle East, westerners are working. Emirates Airlines has become one of the best airliners of the world mainly because of the contributions from the managing director, Maurice Flanagan. Thus tourism has many positive effects on cultures.
“While presenting a culture to tourists may help preserve the culture, it can also dilute or even destroy it. The point is to promote tourism in the region so that it would both give incomes and create respect for the local tradition and culture” (Mirbabayev & Shagazatova). Tourism can damage the local culture in many ways. For example, lot of people from Middle East has started to imitate the dress codes and hairstyles of the westerners leaving their traditional dresses and fashion concepts behind. Moreover they started to change even their food habits because of the influence of the westerners. At present, in Middle East, most of the companies are looking for US or UK educated youths for hiring.
Traditions and customs can also be changed because of the influence of tourists on a country’s culture. “Large hotel chain restaurants often import food to satisfy foreign visitors and rarely employ local staff for senior management positions, preventing local farmers and workers from reaping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tourism and Environment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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