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Hotel by Arthur Hailey - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this book report "Hotel by Arthur Hailey" will begin with the statement that Arthur Hailey’s book Hotel was written in 1965 is one of his popular novels. This book is deep in details, background information themes as well as character development…
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Hotel by Arthur Hailey
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Extract of sample "Hotel by Arthur Hailey"

Download file to see previous pages The text's setting is in a hotel. The hotel has a mortgage, which puts its management on a financial crisis. This is the basis of the book. It intertwines a multitude of sub-plots, which are a significant part of the story as they combine fabulously in the climax into one formidable ending. The book tackles relevant American civil rights issues at the time, as well as hotel merging versus operating independently. The St. Gregory is a splendid, conservative five-star hotel owned by Warren Trent. Warren’s family built the hotel eighty-five years ago. Currently, it is seen as a put away to olden times, for its bosom as well as damaging. The hotel is in problems financially and needs a foremost influx of capital to keep it buoyant (Kasavana and Richard 403). The hotel's troubles are obvious in the professional world, and despite it not being officially on sale, it has begun to attract interested buyers. S real estate buyer wants to buy the hotel and rip it off. He also anticipates a proposal from O’Keefe who is boarding in the hotel. The St. Gregory Hotel epitomizes the values of extravagance and generosity of the time. For a long time, the hotel has been losing money leading to Trent’s failure to renew the mortgage. O’Keefe’s motifs of buying the hotel are beyond just increasing his domain. This is a situation happening in a clock-like movement, in the hotel. Peter McDermott is the General Manager of the hotel. He is the main character in the hotel story. He is a Hotel Management graduate from Cornell University. He is a man with an ivy-league education but he suffers the ill effects of a bad imprudence from his earlier career at one of the top hotel chains worldwide. This forced him to move to this insignificant hotel, and he meets with Christine who is a secretary to the proprietor (Hailey 6). Christine a secretary to Trent and McDermott develop a fondness for each other (Hailey 4). Christine is caring and loving as witnessed when she individually takes care of a patient in the hotel room. Peter is a faithful and motivated administrator who tussles with the never-ending drama of the hotel's guests. McDermott has risen through the positions, and as the hotel General Manager, he tries all he can do to reverse the current situation of the hotel. He does his best to alter some aspects where it matters such as, ending the hotels official and unofficial segregation policy as well as resisting many modern, but impersonal conveniences. He is hoping that with a hotel union falls through to save it from its current predicament. He hopes the union will provide the hotel with the required capital in exchange for the hotel employees becoming unionized and help in saving the hotel from the current crisis (Kasavana and Richard 403). Cutis O’Keefe operates hotel chains worldwide and he tours the hotel before take-over negotiations are decided. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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