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Irish Civil War - Essay Example

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Like all wars, even the Irish civil war did not start on the very first day of open hostility. The hostility and violence which later turned into the Irish civil war, of June 1922 till May 1923 was the result of a series of events that had been building up within Ireland even before the Easter Rebellion took place in 1916.
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Irish Civil War
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"Irish Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages These divisions become the cause to the complexity which arose in the Irish civil war. Religious divisions often were more intense then the political ones and political divisions appeared to change every month depending on recent objectives (Neeson 1990). A detailed understanding of the causes which led to Irish civil war requires an analysis of the people and events before war started as well as the vents that took place throughout the war.
Like many protestant groups Sinn Fein made a military wing, and by 1914 civil war seemed unavoidable. The occurrence of the First World War nevertheless a lot of important events, like the British Parliament suspension a bill permitting free Irish home rule.
The home rule bill's suspension was opposed by three small nationalist groups, these were the Citizen Army, this was an illegal group of citizens of Dublin, the Irish volunteers, which was a national body of defence, and the Sinn Fein, all got together by their military wings and made arrangements for the Easter Uprising, this was one of the most prominent events which led to the civil war. At noon on the 24th of April in 1916 (Younger 1986), approximately two thousand Irish nationalists took over the Dublin Post Office as well as other points in the city which could help them in their mission. The rebellion's leaders announced the Irish independence; they were in control of Dublin city by 25th April1.
A counter offensive was launched by the British on the 26th of April, and martial law was implemented throughout Ireland2. This led to violent street fighting in the city, but the British forces were stronger as they were better armed they thus they were successful in slowly removing the Irish nationalists from the places which they had taken over. On the 29th of April the post office building which was the rebel headquarters, was attacked by the heavily armed British army, eventually the rebels had to surrender. Approximately four hundred and forty troops of the British army died in the small battle at the post office, and almost an equal of number Irishmen lost their lives. 15 rebels were put to death. Sinn Fein's leader Eamon de Valera was also was also given the death sentence. His sentence was changed to life imprisonment, the next he was given. Amnesty (Liam 2006).
Even though the rebellion was not successful it had the support of a lot of Irish people, and the public extremely opposed the death sentence of fifteen rebels, this further strengthened Sinn Fein's electoral support. In the election 's of 1918, the candidates of Sinn Fein candidates won seventy three out of hundred and six seats which were allotted to Ireland for the British Parliament3.
Due to such great support, in January of 1919 the members of Parliament which belonged to the Sinn Fein held a meeting in Dublin and announced independence of Ireland, for their objective they made Eamon de Valera their president. Sinn Fein 's armed wing, which was known as the Irish Republican Army (IRA) after the meeting began a violent guerrilla war in opposition to the British troops who were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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