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The Barrens Quest: Film Summaries Assignment - Movie Review Example

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The Barrens Quest Economic, social, political, scientific and ecological development of the world depends on the human activity drastically that may cause as positive as negative causes simultaneously…
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The Barrens Quest: Film Summaries Assignment
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Extract of sample "The Barrens Quest: Film Summaries Assignment"

The Barrens Quest Economic, social, political, scientific and ecological development of the world depends on the human activity drastically that maycause as positive as negative causes simultaneously. For instance, annual pollutions that harm the air, water and land resources because of the factories’ and plants’ performance in some countries exceed normal standards. Constantly governments of all states try to solve the problem of environmental protection, bringing up and discussing this vital question on various summits and conferences. However, many companies continue to increase production rate, ignoring high level of pollutions, as long as their performance gives favorable economic effect. The idea of environmental protection is more clearly depicted in the documentary by Peter Blow that is called “The Barrens Quest”, which compels its viewers to ponder over the problem of ecological future more deeply. The stated movie tells about the potential of Canada, or more exactly about the wealth of the territory that is situated three hundred kilometers to north-east from Yellowknife. The largest diamond field is located in that region, which brings huge annual profits. However, despite significant economic benefits, there are a lot of antagonists of the mining industry, which evokes irreversible changes of the atmosphere. Hence, underground tunnels deform landscapes, destroy plants and alter habitat of animals. Because of the pipes that lie beneath some lakes, all the water has to be drained off for the sake of mining. According to the statement of David Schindler, the professor of Ecology in the University of Alberta, forty three streams and twelve lakes are planned to be destroyed, either deepened for several of hundred meters or filled in completely without restoration (Harbury, 1997). In the issue of the Canadian industry, some species of birds and animals are found on the brink of extinction. Hence, about one hundred years ago on the territory of Canada it was easy to find the Eskimo curlews translated as “spirit of the north”, meanwhile, today these birds are totally gone. Joachim Obst, the leader of the Eskimo Curlew Recovery Plan Project, still does not lose hope on resurrecting the species, resuming his quest every new spring. Documentary “The Barrens Quest” reveals the concepts and main notions that are contained in the course of Tourism. For example, when Cindy Kenny-Gilday, E.A.R.P. Panel member, tells that tundra is every Canadian’s heritage, she explains the definition of landscape that is considered as «complex repository of society». Also the concept of the environmental preservation is very distinctly depicted in the mentioned movie. All these make the documentary educational and relevant to the course, providing its viewers with more distinct understanding of the material. References Harbury, M. (Producer), & Blow, P. (Director). (1997). The Barrens Quest [Motion picture]. Canada: Bar Harbour Films Inc. The Longest Road People choose tourism for many reasons: it can be business, own pleasure or just a wish to change the accustomed routine of life. In all these cases traveling gives opportunity to admire new places, observe different countries, find out their cultures and traditions, meet new interesting people, diversify communication, acquire positive impressions and broaden own outlook. Planning ordinary trip you have to think about several points, one of which is possible and most appropriate way of transport. Educational documentary, which reveals all delights of the tourism and allows looking at its variety from different sides, is Kevin Alexander’s movie that is called “The Longest Road”. It tells the stories and displays the memories of different people, who used to make trips across the Canada, using various kinds of tourism. Some of them preferred traveling by car, by bus or even by horse others chose running or hiking. There was a story of a guy, who lost his leg because of the bone cancer, but managed to run twenty six miles. People admit that traveling let them feel freedom and be yourself, because on the road others accept them just the way they are. All characters of the movie share own experience and impressions about their traveling. Also during entire movie there is shown another parallel of one man, who managed to walk 7821 km. After 215 days of walking he at last made a stop near the ocean, thinking about the fact that he ended his route right where he had started it - from the water (Thompson, 2003). “The Longest Road” very clearly explains the definition of tourism and emphasizes the main purposes of it. Characters admit that tourism like nothing else allows them to meet new people, hear their stories, gain knowledge and bright emotions. Advantages of different kinds of traveling are explained in details in the scenes of the movie. In addition, some major segments of the history of Canadian tourism, such as Rocky Mountain, are depicted in the mentioned documentary. Consequently, all stated characteristics of “The Longest Road” prove the relevance and relatedness of this documentary to the course. The movie plays a significant role in helping viewers to comprehend the notion of tourism and examine its concepts visually in a full way. References Thompson, B. (Producer), & Alexander, K. (Director). (2003). The Longest Road [Motion picture]. Canada: The National Film Board of Canada. Read More
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