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It is evident that films have been used as historical evidence of past events but a lot need to be done by the scholars to explore the medium patterns of the American culture. The City is a film where a viewer can explore how ideas influence the structuring of a film and the…
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number Summarize the document It is evident that films have been used as historical evidence of past events buta lot need to be done by the scholars to explore the medium patterns of the American culture. The City is a film where a viewer can explore how ideas influence the structuring of a film and the surviving artifact which serves as the indicator of the past values and perception. When depression was evident in the cities through economic and social collapse, Roosevelt administration was encouraged to study urban life. This led to contribution of an essay by Louis and a publication by Lewis Mumford about the culture of cities.
The communication level in films with reformed message has been effective due to the collaboration between the planners and the film makers. This has led to the provision of illustrations about the movement in city planning to the interested parties. It is also apparent that the films offer creative treatment of the urban environment which was achieved by considering conflict between the sponsors and the film makers.
In conclusion, the Mumford contribution in The City film should not be underestimated as he moved the film to a level of incisive public commentary. In my opinion the impact of the film is in the fundamental goals in the new planning ideas in the towns. The strength of the film was characterized by the presentation of the selected dramatic form of seminal aspects of the urban life that emphasized on civilization. Read More
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Summarize the Document Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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