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Transport - Essay Example

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TRANSPORT Name Class: Lecturer: Institution: Address: Date: ? Transport Part 1 One of the traits of an entrepreneur is identifying a marketing opportunity. The EU airways provide a lucrative business market for both small and large-scale entrepreneurs. In a small-scale capacity, there are a number of factors to be considered in setting up a venture in the market…
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Download file to see previous pages Overall, the air travel industry provides an opportunity, which is facilitated by more than tourism. It also incorporates economic development, global trade and international investments, thus being one of the best investment opportunities (Brennan, 2009, p. 212). As a small-scale entrepreneur, the number of tourists entering France provides any investor with the opportunity of establishing a low cost international or local flight service. In Europe, the connection between the UK and France presents a lucrative venture for business. The route that I choose as an investor is between the Heathrow, London and Charles De Gaulle, Paris airports. One of the strongest reasons why this choice makes economic sense to me is that the two stations represent the hubs of business in the regions (Doganis, 2001, p. 90). The two airports are located within two of the busiest cities in Europe. These cities have an intricate transportation network in which the passengers can get to the airports in a number of transportation choices. One of the most preferred choices of transport happen to be the train, closely followed by the cab. Transport between the centers and the airport has some merits as well as demerits. One of the challenges that the surface transport modes face is the case of jams. In both the UK and Paris, traffic congestion is a common occurrence, especially during the rush hours (Fleisher. and Bensoussan, 2007, p. 62). The jams are common in the railway stations as well as the motor ways. These characteristic is one that lowers the convenience of this mode of transport. This is however, it is an occurrence prominent in certain hours, but the intricate network is quite useful when there is little traffic on the road and rail networks. The car, either in a private or cab company capacity provides another choice of transport in the centers to the airports routes. As the preferred choice of transport, the car is one of the best choices in transportation, when convenience is involved, but this is dependent on the profile of the passenger. Where luggage is involved, the car might be the best operational choice, since it provides a better means of transport from the house to the terminal as opposed to public transportation. The train, though high speed faces an inconvenience in that it is public transport and is located at strategic points for a community (Frechtling, 2001, p. 31), in which the travellers have to walk or take a car to the service stations as well as from the terminals to the airports. With the train and buses being restricted to certain routes, the inconvenience lays mostly in the distance between the public terminals and the airport terminals, for they are not the same though close, in some instances. Another challenge with the public surface transport is the challenge introduced by the complexity of the transport network, especially for a nonlocal (Duncan, 2012, p. 134). Some of the competitors in the route chosen include the Eurostar. The train is one of the modes of transport between the two centers i.e. Paris and London. There are several favorable elements associated with the train such as speed, lower costs and the interactive nature of the travel. The car is another competitor to the mode of transport between the two terminals, since the intricate transport network provides a motorway that links the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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