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Trip to Mexico - Research Paper Example

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The researcher presents his plan of trip to Mexico. This research aims to describe travel arrangements including accommodation; daily schedules; budget and itinerary. The researcher presents annotated bibliography expressed that Mexico serves as a cradle for ancient civilization…
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Trip to Mexico
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Extract of sample "Trip to Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that Mexico is widely known as a suitable destination for those who want to immerse in ancient civilization, relax in pristine beaches, and indulge in its rich history. As a tourist, the researcher desire to know Mexico through its culture, history, music, food, and art, so he decided to visit Guadalaraja, Jalisco and Yucatan. The researcher plans to first visit Guadalajara, Jalisco, which features Mexico’s prominent traditions such as the mariachi music, tequila, and charros (“Guadalajara”). The researcher wants to roam around Guadalajara’s cathedral, which houses the mural of Bartolome Esteban Murrillo entitled “The Assumption of the blessed Virgin” and the second largest organ in the argon (“Guadalajara”). As an architecture enthusiast, it would be very exciting for me to witness the mix architectural styles in the Guadalajara’s Cathedral. The presence of numerous museums and theaters in the city will surely enable me to grasp the history of the country. The researcher’s second destination would be the Chichen-Itza in Yucatan. Mexico boasts rich culture and tradition even before the Spaniards came into the country. Chichen-Itza is deemed by many as the most significant archaeological remnant of Maya-Toltex civilization. The researcher wants to walk in the cobblestone once walked by Toltecs and Putun Maya. I desire to witness the temples and ruins, which are the masterpieces of the Mesoamerican architecture. Then, the researcher plans to relax in the pristine beach of Maya Riviera. His trip to Mexico would not be complete without indulging its natural wonders. I plan to visit Mexico on May 5 to 10 as it’s a period suitable for tourists who want low accommodation prices and discounts as low season begins after Easter and ends at mid-December (“When to Go”). I found a website named that tackles the must-see places in Guadalajara such as the cathedral, Teotro Degollado and the like. Meanwhile, presents information about the city of Chichen-Itza. Works Cited Baird, David. Frommer’s Cancus, Conzumel, and the Yucatan 2010. New Jersey: Frommer’s, 2009. Print. Guadalajara. Wiki travel. Web. 2012. When to Go to Mexico. Web. 2012. 2.0 Annotated Bibliography Baird, David. Frommer’s Cancus, Conzumel, and the Yucatan 2010. New Jersey: Frommer’s, 2009. Print. The author has lived in various parts of Mexico for several years. Thus, he possesses an extensive knowledge about historical places in Mexico and its must-see places. A part of the book has tackled on the ruins of the Chichen-Itza. It highlights the monuments, temples, and plazas that will greet modern day visitors. In addition, it briefly tackled on dwellers of the ancient sites. It offers information that helps me appreciate the Chichen-Itza, the ancient civilization, and Mexico. This book, which is available at google books, caters to needs of tourists and college students. It provides relevant and current information; thus, I will give it a CRAAP score of 7. Chichen-Itza. National Geographic. Web. 2012. National Geographic is a database, which presents numerous articles about different topics. It provided information about the history of Chichen Itza. It specifically presented interesting information on the importance and accuracy of Mayan astronomy. The ancient Mayan exhibited its advanced astronomical skills through accurately predicting solar eclipses. In addition, the article highlighted the ancient tradition of sacrificing young women to the Mayan rain god. This article presents interesting information that makes me more excited in visiting Chichen Itza. This article can be found through google search. It provides helpful information for tourist, college students, and lay-person. Thus, I will give it 7 CRAAP score for its relevance and accuracy. Howells, John, and Don Merwin. Choose Mexico for Retirement: Information For Travel, Retirement, Investment, and Affordable Living. US: Globe Pequot, 2007. Print. John Howells has co-authored and authored nine travel-retirement books. He is residing at Pacific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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