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Breeze of Change - Essay Example

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In the essay “Breeze of Change” the author reflects on the changes in life. Change has been the most profound theme in the author’s life. Ever since he was a child, he does not remember of a time he was fully settled. Whether he was at home made him make a plan after another…
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Breeze of Change
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Extract of sample "Breeze of Change"

Download file to see previous pages I knew I had to start working towards achieving my dreams. I did not want to be caught up by death before realizing my full potential. I needed to travel the world and learn about other people. I always felt that the future was in the air. Everywhere I went, I would feel the future blowing in the wind of change. I had many things I wanted to change in my life and those of others. I hoped to see a world where people respected each other’s culture. I wanted a world where people appreciated and celebrated their diversity. Even up to today, I have always had the passion to learn other people culture, and I am glad I have partially done so. Because I believe this will enable me, understand and appreciate others. Early years were characterized by numerous trips to different countries. In every trip, I learned something that changed my life. My trips outside the United States helped me understand other people’s culture. I learned to accept other people’s point of views no matter how much they differed they were from my own. When I visited Baha’i Temple in Wilmette in Illinois, I realized the significance of religion. Since I value my own religion and I promised myself to appreciate other people’s culture and religion. This was reinforced when I attended a Catholic-sponsored high school, which made me realize that Catholics are very receptive of other religions. The experience changed my life and I wanted to be receptive to other people’s culture, and opinions. Attending college enabled me to meet people from different places. I learned the dynamics of socialization. A chance to be in the army strengthened me physically and mentally. I realized that every experience was a lesson for me. Death has always scared me in some way. When my 14-year old cousin and my great uncle died on the same day, I realized how death could cut short our ambitions. It was traumatizing to see someone die at such an early age. I decided to live each day to the full and always do my best. When I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Art and History, I was excited. Nevertheless, I knew I had to find a job. The job searching process turned out to be tougher than I thought. My parents were there for me, and they taught me the importance of being there for others. However, I ended up deciding on doing volunteer work. It was an opportunity to touch other people’s lives. During my volunteer at Navajo Reservation, I realized of the sufferings that American Indians go through. During my work, I learned that no amount of textbook learning could teach us about new and unknown cultures. Working with people from diverse culture taught me how to deal with others. I was glad I took the opportunity to help them. My international trip to Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, North, and South Carolina helped me realize how rampant racism and bigotry were. People still judged others in terms of their culture. When I moved to Albuquerque in New Mexico, I was prepared for what lay ahead.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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