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Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Mechanical Engineering - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Mechanical Engineering" discusses that sustainability is associated with the concept of intergenerational equity. It calls for the safe use of available resources to cater to the needs of the present generation without hindering…
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Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Mechanical Engineering
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Extract of sample "Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Mechanical Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages Mechanical engineers, like other engineers, are bound by the code of ethics that puts the public interest at the apex. However, there are numerous challenges because, in many instances, there are conflicts between individual and public interest; this is so, given the concept of sustainability and observance of ethical standards (PLENDERLEITH 2008). Technology advancement has tended to erode the ideology of sustainability and, as such, left many mechanical engineers in dilemma as a result of conflicts that relate to ethics and the economic expectations of the career. The focus of this paper is to highlight the various sustainable and ethical issues in mechanical engineering in the light of modern times. In course of the development of mechanical engineering, like other engineering branches, the focus has been on the need to enhance public safety and interest. In this regard, the codes of conduct that have been established have emphasised that the public interest, health and safety standards are extensively catered for. In this regard, it is the duty of the professionals to place the interest of the public above the professional interest. An example of such an undertaking is evident in the Australian engineering Institution, which like most other organizations, has underscored it within the pro quo that it is the duty of the professionals to hold the interest of the public, given the privilege of governing themselves that the public has given (KING et al 2010).
Unlike in the past where ethics and morality had to do with laws, religion and cultural expectations, the trends have changed and the focus has been issues that relate to the life and death. In addition, a passage of time has lessened the grasp of laws to the extent that they do not necessarily compel engineers to make the best judgment (BOEDECKER 2008).
Ethics in mechanical engineering means surpassing the individual egoism. However, despite this reality, empirical evidence suggests that, given that most of the engineer’s works are subordinate in nature, they are bound to observe organization’s requirements other than the technical expectation of the profession. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainability and Ethical Issues in Mechanical Engineering Book Report/Review.
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