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3 July, 2011. Report upon the interview with a business manager: This is a reflection upon the interview with Mr. X, who is a Civil Engineer by profession, is 10 per cent share holder in the ABC Company, and serves as a project manager in it these days…
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Interview a business manager and write a report on the interview
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. X is both the project manager and a 10 per cent share holder of the firm. Owing to the tiny share of ownership, he works more as an employee than an owner. The ABC Construction Company has been serving as a contractor in the market for over thirty years now. The company has worldwide representation. Since its establishment, the company has received several renowned projects because of the personal links and strong network of the major shareholders of the ABC Company with the big clients. Construction work fascinated Mr. X since childhood. He always knew he would land in the construction industry somehow when he is grown up. Accordingly, he got admission in an engineering university and studied the Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Mr. X came from a well-off background. By the time he graduated, Mr. X had sufficient money in his pocket to become 10 per cent shareholder of the newly forming ABC Company that belonged to his seniors who had graduated about five years before him and had resolved to establish a construction company of their own by the time Mr. X was receiving his degree. Owing to the limited resources, the seniors were looking for interested parties that would invest into the business and become share holders in it upon their conditions. Since they were the graduates of the same engineering university, Mr X trusted them and decided to invest his money into their business for a 10 per cent share. Besides, he had received his degree at a time when the market was suffering from financial crisis and the jobs were almost non-existent. In these circumstances, Mr. X personally wanted that company to establish so that he would find a job for himself. After ten years of work as a site engineer, he was made the project manager because of his hard work and technical and technological expertise. Mr. X sees many weaknesses in the business, most of which find their origin in the unsuitable organization structure. Quite often, Mr. X complains of disparity between what he instructs his subordinates to do and what they come up with as a result. Mr. X partly blames the top management for this. He believes that he has been assigned more responsibility than authority. Top management expects him to finish the tasks according to schedule, but when he digs deep into the work in order to identify the underlying issues that are causing the delays in the work and are hindering the performance of the crew on the site, the top management hardly helps him out with the issues he notifies them of. The problem essentially exists because of the fact that the top management employs him as a dummy in order to satisfy the client, and does not give due consideration to his opinions, requests and suggestions. This can also be attributed to the fact that the top management solely assumes the decision making power and does not at all share it with Mr. X whereas his role in the hierarchy of the organization structure is central and Mr. X needs to be given certain decision making power. Mr. X feels very unfortunate given he can not make the top management realize how important it is to approve his requests. The strengths of the business are that the company has made a lot of profit in the past and has made a good reputation in the market. The clients place confidence in the work of their company and it is often the clients’ number one choice whenever a new project is about to commence. Despite all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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