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The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film - Movie Review Example

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The paper 'The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film' presents Multimodal discourse analysis which is a paradigm that is used to study different aspects of language such as gestures, sound, and even music. This means that film can also be analyzed through the multimodal discourse…
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The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film
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Extract of sample "The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film"

Download file to see previous pages This is to means that the dynamics of resemioticiation are well represented through material and historical dimensions of forms of representation (Maier, 2011). For the case of film, the multimodal structures are influenced by the promotional goals. This is to means that the link between the narrative of a film and the promotional structures determines the model of analysis of the particular film.
This essay will explore the generic structure of the Pavitra Rishta film. As Maier (2011) indicates a great percentage of film trailers involve a mixed promotional genre that is exemplified by a distinct generic structure that fulfills a specific purpose through multimodal means.
This essay shall focus on genre theory as the basis of the study. As seen in the research conducted by Iedema (2003), telefilms analysis can be done through the use of thematic, psycho-analytical, or semiotic perspectives through the help of film theory. Genre theory, according to Garzone & Ilie (2014) involves an analysis of genres that are constructed based on the similarities in the elements that make that genre. From the genre theory, genres are borrowed from the criticism of literary genre. It is through the genre theory that one can differentiate between various genres of film such as fiction, documentary, comedy, and drama amongst others. The authors continue to indicate that through the genre theory, the setting of the storyline is told, the theme, mood as well as format of the film in question (Garzone & Ilie, 2014). Through the theory, it is evident that the setting of the film determines its category, as different films in different settings bring out different emotions in the viewers.
Through genres, Garzone & Ilie (2014) indicate that there is a possibility that different emotions are constructed through a film that will actually lead to different actions. The theory continues to indicate that the recognition of the features of different genres relates to the audiences’ familiarity with the same; thus, determining if the genre’s plot is worth following.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film Movie Review.
“The Generic Structure of Pavitra Rishta Film Movie Review”.
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