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The Debate Over the Better Gaming Console - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Debate Over the Better Gaming Console' focuses on gaming which has become an addictive hobby with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox ruling the markets as well as the fandom. Both the consoles have created a huge amount of fans and they practice customer loyalty…
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The Debate Over the Better Gaming Console
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Extract of sample "The Debate Over the Better Gaming Console"

Download file to see previous pages The way their fans are created and how they practice and display their fandom depends on the time, memories, brand loyalty, technology, and facilities that these consoles have offered them. The fans of PlayStation and Xbox may have different opinions in regard to their favorite consoles, but one thing is common between them; their excessive love and emotional bonding with their brands.
The debate over the better gaming console has lasted for years amongst the fans. Fans are created not by a single factor but by the combination of multiple factors which include features, costs, brand loyalty, attachment, customer satisfaction levels, and others. Gaming has been a part of life which often attracts youngsters to spend time with friends or compete online with friends.
Recently, Xbox and PlayStation share very similar specifications but the success of these consoles is based on brand loyalty on the choice of system. However, with the recent developments in the gaming consoles and the features available for the fans of both consoles, it is evident that brand loyalty is the factor which is playing the most important role (Roth 6).
Xbox has an advantage over customer loyalty in the last generation due to its continuity. People often love continuity even in their relationships as they want them to last longer because breaking up and getting to know someone new means starting from scratch, building new memories and understanding, and that is a lot of work (Kain 1). In order to keep their fans, Xbox has spent a significant amount of time cultivating the Gamerscore which is known to be a meaningless number. This was created to attract the fans and keep them in their community. Gamerscore is a score that is earned by the gamers of Xbox and when they want to switch to PlayStation, they have to give up all their points and the records of their achievements that they earned in about a decade on their Xbox. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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