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Leading World Manufacturers - Apple & Samsung Smartphones - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Leading World Manufacturers - Apple & Samsung Smartphones" intends to provide a comparative study of the smartphones of two of the world’s leading manufacturer’s i.e. Apple and Samsung. From the perspective of technology and innovation, both the companies are superior in this field. …
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Leading World Manufacturers - Apple & Samsung Smartphones
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Extract of sample "Leading World Manufacturers - Apple & Samsung Smartphones"

Download file to see previous pages A set of interview questionnaire is also designed for taking the interview of the Chairman/CEO of Apple as well as Samsung. Based on the feedbacks obtained as a part of this report, a set of relevant recommendations has been offered to both the companies.

Over the past decade in the field of technology segment, Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics have been two of the major players as well as rivals. Apple Inc is an American based multinational organisation (MNC), founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs (Apple, 2013). Samsung Electronics is a South Korean based MNC founded in 1938 by Lee Kun-hee (Samsung, 2013). Although Apple came into the market later but in the course of focusing on sustained technological innovation it has turned into one of the preferred and respect brands in the world, thus, in turn, creating an immense challenge for the competitors to match up to the offerings of Apple. In terms of modernism and technology, Samsung is also not lacking behind as it is simultaneously challenging the sustained technological innovation of Apple with its own set of technological marvels as has been evidently witnessed in case of one of the leading offerings of both the companies’ i.e. smartphone. In this regard, undoubtedly, it can be underlined that innovation, as well as change, are the prominent aspects for any information technology (IT) organisation in order to sustain in the market by providing best products and services to the customers (Carnegie Mellon University, n.d.; Driscoll, 2011).
This comparative analysis study is conducted through examination of the feedbacks of the customers and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) as well as Chairman of both the organisations. Therefore, the information for this report is obtained by:
The mission of Apple is to provide best individual computing knowledge to the students, ingenious professionals as well as conversant clients throughout the globe by its creative software as well as hardware amenities (Apple, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leading World Manufacturers - Apple & Samsung Smartphones Research Paper - 1.
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