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Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav - Term Paper Example

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The "Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav" paper points out that the management of the satnav should holistically be managed by all the affected parties ranging from the resource and information users like the navigators and the producers of this information on the day to day operations…
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Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav
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Extract of sample "Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav"

Download file to see previous pages The GPS has emerged as one of the most successful products of satellite and it plays a major role in the positioning of routes and features on the surface of the earth.

In the past century, the automotive industry has been constantly confronted by a myriad of challenges compared to other related service industries. The influencers of the industry have not been only the relations to the market demands and forces but also numerous other factors of which have been envisaged in the twentieth century.

The car has become the most preferred mode of transport in the current times, vehicle rallies and motor shows have equally developed the fondness of this machine to many individuals in these times. Most manufacturers like General Motors have recognized the tastes of customers and made cars that satisfy the preferences of their clients in relation to the provision of the necessary services and the quality of the machine itself. The international community has moved from an era of difference to an era of preference where one does not have to stick to something because he has been advised by a professional or some expert in the are of concern but we have moved to a time period where the consumers, especially in the transport industry, have decided to be comparing of navigation purposes.

The number of navigators using road transport has increased worldwide and in the US alone the percentage of female drivers has increased by 25%. In 1986, the number of male drivers was double that of the female drivers but today the number of the female navigators has increased exponentially having a great impact on the potential of the population of the navigators on our roads using them without the long term experience and the necessary knowledge of the routes to follow to the desired destinations minus the hiccup of losing track to obstacles or wasting of time and resources by following the wrong routes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav Term Paper, n.d.)
Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav Term Paper.
(Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav Term Paper)
Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav Term Paper.
“Disadvantages and Costly Mistakes of the Satnav Term Paper”.
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