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Crucial mistakes - Essay Example

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Human evolution may not have progressed well, had men not made the mistakes to improve things in life. As such, to learn, to develop and to…
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Extract of sample "Crucial mistakes"

When one sets life purposes, it is important to learn and develop to achieve that purpose and to learn, making mistakes is a critical part. Human evolution may not have progressed well, had men not made the mistakes to improve things in life. As such, to learn, to develop and to advance as an individual as well as a society, it is important that crucial mistakes are made.
Mistakes are good to make because they tell us what we need to improve and how we need to change in order to achieve our goals and objectives. Committing mistakes therefore lead us to a better future as we move along our life and attempt to become better individuals. Mistakes are therefore here to encourage and inspire us to become what we want to be.
Mistakes are also important from the perspective of the fact that nobody is perfect in this world. Regardless of how smart and intelligent we are, we all are bound to make mistakes because of the limitations of our biological make-up. As we grow old and become responsible persons, mistakes are bound to happen because our upbringing, knowledge and skills may only be useful under certain limited circumstances. When we face new circumstances in our lives, mistakes are natural outcome of how we attempt to deal with new circumstances.
Parents therefore must not be overprotective about their children and shall let them act on their own, make mistakes and grow and develop as better individuals through their own personal experiences. Read More
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