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The Software and IT Services Industry - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, we shall analyze the software and IT services industry with a special focus on the United Kingdom (UK). The UK software and IT services industry could decidedly be said to be a mature market, though this does not remove room for lots of change and opportunity to be harnessed…
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The Software and IT Services Industry
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Download file to see previous pages To aid us in analyzing the competitiveness of this industry we shall look at strategy with regards to industrial organization, marketing style, resource-based view, and the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) approach. Under industrial organization, we shall use Porter’s five forces model and under marketing, we shall utilise the value-chain approach.
Industries have generally used three generic strategies to gain strategic advantage over their competitors namely: focus, differentiation, and low-cost leadership. The objective of low-cost leadership is to achieve and sustain a low-cost position so as to increase profit margins. Firms have been able to achieve this through injection of efficiency into their value chains through techniques such as developing low-cost distribution systems and automation of processes to reduce staff overheads. Companies in software and IT service industry, however, have the ubiquity of the internet to thank for the distributed low cost of production. According to Metzger and Rockville, the major cost for software comes from the development in the form of tools required, the technology utilized, very high staff costs and management. Learning curve economies are also difficult to sustain in the software industry because of the rapidly changing technology and ease of imitation.
On the other hand, the differentiation strategy is concerned with creating unique products or services for various market segments. Uniqueness which could be real or perceived by customers is based on a company’s marketing and distribution abilities, innovative abilities, and production abilities. Like low-cost leadership, differentiation in the software business is hampered by the ease of imitation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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