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The Atlas. Microsoft Corporation - Essay Example

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Microsoft Corporation has been an iconic company in the field of Information technology. Microsoft is recognized as a company that has revolutionized the computer market world over.
The company has been listed in the Forbes 500 companies in various occasions. …
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The Atlas. Microsoft Corporation
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Extract of sample "The Atlas. Microsoft Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages ..8 Executive Summary: Microsoft Corporation has been an iconic company in the field of Information technology. Microsoft is recognized as a company that has revolutionized the computer market world over. The company has been listed in the Forbes 500 companies in various occasions. The company has been steered towards steady growth by its competent management. The CEO of the company Steven Ballmer is considered as a competent chairperson who has been able to help Microsoft grow further in terms of revenue and expansion. The company has been able to hold its market share in operating system market and expand its market in other ventures like Entertainment and devices. The company has substantial potential to grow even further. A brief history of the company: It was the 1975 issue of Popular Electronics that featured the computer product Altair 8800 of MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems). It was one of the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen who observed that they can develop a basic programmer for MITS that can act as an interpreter. Bill gates the other prominent co-founder of Microsoft and Paul Allen developed the basic interpreter for Altair, which was a success. This gave Microsoft a clear direction and on April 04, 1977 Microsoft Inc. was established. The company has ever since a huge growth in the field of software development and internet revolution. The company currently deals with product range Windows operating system, Server and tools, online service division and Entertainment. A brief biography of the current CEO: Steven Ballmer was appointed as CEO of Microsoft in January 2000. He has been with Microsoft since 1980. Ballmer has been heading various divisions in Microsoft ever since. The main divisions that were under Ballmer include Operating Systems Division, Operations and sales and Support. In the year 2011 Ballmer’s total wealth estimate was calculated to be US$ 14.5 billion. He has been ranked 46 on the Forbes list of billionaires in 2010 issue. Ballmer is acknowledged in the business circuit for his over enthusiastic behavior during business meet. His flamboyant way of conducting himself during conferences sets him apart from other CEOs. Market analysis: The main Industrial market that Microsoft deals with is IT industry. The main products offered by Microsoft are software programs and operating system. Microsoft acknowledges the importance of Research and Development in the IT industry and is always developing new operating systems and softwares to gain competitive advantage. Markets in which the company competes: The company mainly deals with software programming. The company has expanded its domain in many sectors in IT market. Windows operating systems, server and tools, online service operations, business division and Entertainment devices section. The client division of the Microsoft deals with designing the flagship product of Microsoft Windows operating system. The server division produces products line like Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Visual studio, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Silverlight. The company also develops software required for business process management, Microsoft BizTalk software. The online services include search engines Bing and MSN. In business division the company deals with Microsoft office package mainly designed to cater the need of office documentation and communication. The latest package is Microsoft 2010. In entertainment and devices section the company de ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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