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Segmentation and Targeting in Grocery Retail - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that technology is drastically changing our present world. It has been instrumental in introducing a host of new concepts and ideas in relation to not only in the way we go through our daily routines but also in the manner we conduct our business…
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Segmentation and Targeting in Grocery Retail
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Download file to see previous pages Yet, an ugly head could appear in the face of rising concerns about breach of privacy and even discrimination not just by race but also by gender, income capabilities, beliefs and attitudes and behavioral patterns.
Despite these debatable issues, one of the forefront concerns is how to properly harness what technology has to offer to the best advantage, especially for those in the business world. Translated to the strategies in business and marketing, it necessarily means that those who can properly utilize the different aspects of the innovations in technology will have the greater probability to rise above the rigid competition.
This is the basic issue of this essay. It is anchored on the analysis of the available data metrics for grocery retailers and how they could be exploited to provide the profile and behavioral data of its customers. The culled data has greatest impact and relevance on the biographical analysis, segmentation, and targeting not just of its existing customer's clients but also of its potential customers as well.
Business and marketing are not exempted from these changes and innovations. As more and more business people and marketing practitioners are embracing the different innovations towards their best advantages, concepts and theories are also being revamped or overhauled. Technology even gives rise to new models and even sends to obsolescence some well-known practices.
One of these trends is changing the way the businesses are reaching out and communicating with the customers. If previously, tri-media had been the solid triangle that holds the key to talk with the customers and send the message across, technology, most notably the internet is changing this setup. Because of its introduction of a host of alternatives in reaching out to the target customers, not to mention its role in driving. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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