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Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology - Article Example

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This paper "Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology" discusses the potential business success of DVB-H. Emerging media technologies, such as DVB-H, are radically changing the scheme of modern media as product manufacturers attempt to offer extended mobility…
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Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology
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Extract of sample "Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology"

Download file to see previous pages This work will highlight the factors leading to business successes for companies that will be directly involved in DVB-H technology as well as potential drawbacks to the new media technology.

Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld, or DVB-H, is a new technology that allows simultaneous transmission of multiple channels of television, radio, video, audio and IP data to a range of multi-media devices including mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and other handheld devices [1]. Avoiding a radically extensive scientific evaluation of the components of DVB-H and how the technology is transmitted across networks, the concept involves transmission across various networks to offer digital video services to mobile consumers. One of the major advantages to the DVB-H system is that this broadcast technology is being developed to deliver video without congesting conventional cellular networks [2], indicating that DVB-H users who utilize the service using cellular phones can engage in advanced broadcast information with the potential for uninterrupted service. Much different than services such as satellite radio, which transmits a globally situated stream of radio services, DVB-H services maintain the potential to offer consumers more local programming. As long as the cellphone has a DVB-H receiver chip, it will be able to pull down local TV signals [3] which points to consumers having much more variety in terms of their choice of programming. Some analytics estimates of 50 million Mobile-TV users by 2009 [4]. This is a very optimistic view of the digital video broadcast system and, if professional estimates are justified, the DVB-H ability to reach a vast consumer audience, based on mobility, opens a market for advertisers that maintains the potential to generate substantial business revenue through marketing alone. Looking at the entire industry, DVB-H and the concept of mobile television seem to provide a promising new platform for both content service business and terminal manufacturers  [5].   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology Article)
Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology Article.
“Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Assessment of Emerging Technology Article”.
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