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In the essay “Dangers of Technology in this Century” the author will argue that even though technology is a good thing, it has to be approached with caution, as it can breakdown our ways of life in a manner that may be irredeemable. A number of sources are going to be used…
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Dangers of Technology in this Century
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Dangers of Technology in this Century Technology has historically been lauded as a means of addressing some of the problems bedeviling mankind. Indeed, looking at the history of man since the industrial revolution and the Renaissance period, there is no doubt that technology is more of a driver to humankind. In this essay, I will argue that even though technology is a good thing, it has to be approached with caution, as it can breakdown our ways of life in in a manner that may be irredeemable.
To further my objectives for this paper, a number of sources are going to be used to illustrate the folly of always falling back to new technology. Sims (71-2) observes that androids are so human like in tehir behaviour that they cannot be distinguished by a naked eye. The probelem is that we may have androids that mimick human behaviour and may be used for destructive purposes. This is perharps what Winkler (517) and Forrester (51) had in mind when he observed that almost all of the American heroes in folrklore were dubious charcters and it is shuddering to think of what such charecters can do if they had the power, considering that we have no control over how they may turn out. Having the ablcne of power in the circumstances partially aided by ‘tools’ that can kill quicky, and the circumstances, they find themselves in position of influence. But it is perharps the story of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ that should warn us given that holders of technology may rarely be challneged, and infact may be trusted by those they want to destroy (Perrault).
But technology is niot all that bad. While Sutton and Sutton (231) observes that science represents man’s curiosity about his destiny, something he wishes it to occur, and indeed, through technogy that brings out the creativity in man, his dreams about his destiny become achieveable (Barlow 108).
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