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The writer of the following essay aims to assess the impact of technology on people’s creativity and smartness. Moreover, based on present the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of technology, the essay would shape an argument in favor of its use…
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People Should Use Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Skeptics note that technology is doing a lot to make people less creative and more dependent. In this respect, Lesnar (par. 7) notes that exposing children to technology at an early stage in life sets them up to be incomplete, less creative, and devoid of imagination. This is especially the case, according to Lesnar (par. 8), given that technology denies them the chance to engage in hands-on interaction. Proponents of technology, on the other hand, argue that the notion that technology makes people less smart and less creative cannot be further from the truth. Johnson, for example, notes that technology makes people exercise their minds in powerful new ways much as it makes them smarter (par. 2-3). In his view, Johnson notes that the online world has had a salutary effect on people’s minds with people learning a lot of new ideas over a short period of time. Indeed, the notion that technology is making people become less participatory in their learning and less creative is quite disputable. This is the case given that almost all forms of online activity are by nature participatory, forcing people to learn new tools.
Opponents of technology have accused it of making people lose the capacity to concentrate and become less critical. As Carr (par. 2) notes, technology, and more specifically, the Internet, has made deep reading become a struggle. Instead of concentrating on what one is reading, the net chips of an individual’s capacity to deeply contemplate as they are constantly bombarded with new information, adverts, alerts, and banners. The net effect of this is that the individual only gets to skim through media, their thinking taking on a staccato quality. The notion that the Internet is making people reducing people’s capacity to concentrate deeply and become better critical thinkers has been disputed by many an expert. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(People Should Use Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5)
People Should Use Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5.
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