Advantages and Disadvantages of Future Cyber-Warfare - Assignment Example

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The paper presents the cause of future cyber warfare. Major Powers of the world are preparing for cyber warfare and espionage by developing lethal cyber weapons in the shape of viruses through trained hackers. World has not seen real hot cyber warfare but nations are working on raising cyber capability…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Future Cyber-Warfare
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The cyber warfare is never relaxed and the war remains on for 24 hours in a day. The traditional way of intelligence gathering is outdated for this sort of warfare. The same way analysis can not be carried based on the information. Current intelligence organizations can not gain such information in cyber warfare (O’ Hara 4).
This warfare does not have any boundaries. No warning for intentions and attack can be obtained before a cybercrime actually happens. The coalition can be established easily with other countries because the technical experts of other nations may not be able to handle warfare and secure own system as well (O’ Hara 5).
Cyberwarfare is not useful until it physically damages the target. Cyberwarfare operations are not stealth operations. Countries with more advanced technologies can detect and trace the destination of cybercrime. Cyber terrorism is more pronounced because of the attacker attacks and vanishes after getting the desired information. Such an attack can be traced and sometimes it can not be traced (Billo & Chang 17). Read More
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