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The Peoples Republic of China Use of Espionage against the US - Term Paper Example

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This paper explains the Chinese use of espionage against the US. The author states that America should take the necessary steps to counter the Chinese threats. It is impossible for America to keep two legs in two boats. They should decide how long they can allow China to steal their technologies. …
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The Peoples Republic of China Use of Espionage against the US
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Extract of sample "The Peoples Republic of China Use of Espionage against the US"

Download file to see previous pages There is not much resistance for the US at present and many political experts are of the opinion that the current Iraq war and Afghan war are a result of the destruction of former the Soviet Union which gave America the license to attack other countries at their own will. On the other hand, China is progressing rapidly at present and many people believe that China will become a superpower in near future itself and will be able to question the domination of America on global matters. Many reports have shown that China has already started to use espionage against the US.
Pei & Lee, (n. d) has mentioned that a series of unofficial exchange visits between US nuclear weapons experts and their People’s Republic of China (PRC) counterparts started from 1978 onwards (Pei & Lee, n. d, p.1). The above information is a clear indication that both China and America have their own reservations against each other. The major security concern for the US in the current decade is from China. Chinese technology is capable of penetrating the barriers constructed by the US for the protection of its secret weapons and technologies. There are many reports in which people believe that China is using espionage against the US. John Diamond, on 5/17/2006 written on USA TODAY that China is running aggressive and wide-ranging espionage operations aimed at stealing U.S. weapons technology that could be useful against U.S. forces, according to the nations top spy-catchers. Moreover, the FBI has arrested 25 Chinese nationals or Chinese Americans in cases involving the targeting of U.S. technology in the past two years (Diamond, 2006).  
Pei & Lee, (n. d) has reported that On 26 March 1998, Dr. Peter S. Lee, the nuclear physicist convicted of two felony counts including passing classified national defense information to PRC representatives, was sentenced to spend one year in a community corrections facility.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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