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The paper under the title 'Standards for the Practice of WebCounseling' presents technology which has brought about enormous advancements in different fields, and counseling has not been left behind. Advancements in computer technology have enhanced education, training, and learning sectors…
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Standards for the Practice of WebCounseling
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Extract of sample "Standards for the Practice of WebCounseling"

Cabaniss, K. discusses how with technology, the counselor education has improved and enhanced multiplication of counselors. However, he states that the growth of the industry further inhibited by the limited amount of information on counseling. The journal thus talks on the urgency of counseling literature to be made available on the internet.

This journal discusses the obstacles that the middle-aged kids and their families in their efforts to support their children in the development and achievements of their academic goals. It also discusses the outreach programs that can be embraced to help fight these limitations.

Chang T, in this article, explains the notion that foreign students have towards seeking online help once they get to America. Because of the adjustment issues, culture shocks and other general obstacles they face, many seek psychological help. The article reviews the opinion the students have against online psychological help.

In this article, it displays evidence that technological counselor education been embraced. The students who benefit from it have certain attitudes and opinions towards the new era technology has brought. Some embrace it while others evidently prefer the traditional methods.

The journal is about internet applications and how they promote counseling. Sampson believes that counselor’s jobs been made easier in this era of World Wide Web (WWW) technology than the previous decades. Furthermore, he indicates that computer-assisted testing has changed the counseling world making it easier. He says information access and distribution has become easier by teaching over the internet, supervision of practitioners, research activities and general computer discussions. Emails especially have helped in distribution. Read More
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