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Technology Considerations for PT6 Engine Overhaul Facility - Coursework Example

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This coursework analyses all the considerations necessary for the process of engine facility overhaul to take place and analyses costs to be incurred and the most cost-effective way to achieve the overhaul process. These considerations focus on all the activities involved in the overhaul facility…
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Technology Considerations for PT6 Engine Overhaul Facility
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Download file to see previous pages The coursework "Technology Considerations for PT6 Engine Overhaul Facility" analyses all the considerations necessary for the process of engine facility overhaul to take place and analyses costs to be incurred and the most cost-effective way to achieve the overhaul process. Aero Engine maintenance software is a system that is used for the planning and execution of maintenance procedures. Proper planning is a key requirement of the overhaul facility. With proper planning, activities can be easily executed. When manual planning is done, allocation of resources might be a problem. This occurs due to lack of proper administration and leads to loss of substantial resources. The system is, therefore, another essential tool in the engine overhaul facility. It helps with one of the most critical areas; planning. Aero Engine Maintenance also has an easy to use interface.
The use of an intranet system is an efficient way to facilitate communication between different departments of the airline. An intranet is a network setup within the organization; it can only be accessed by users from within the company. This provides data security for the information exchanged by the users. In the intranet, the users can login in their department and communicate with other users. For example, if an employee from the workshop needs tools from the store, he/she can easily send a message to the store with the specifications needed. This saves the time that the employee would have gone to request the tool manually from the workshop. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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