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The present research paper "How Bluetooth Works" deals with the concept of Bluetooth working. As the author puts it, the information and technology boom governing the modern global arena and the human society, in particular, has revolutionized the entire human race as a whole. …
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How Bluetooth Works
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Download file to see previous pages A number of means of connection were introduced. Getting connected to the internet via a computing device meant you could get connected to each and every other person who was connected to the internet around the world. Bluetooth was just one of the many means by which connections could get established.
Bluetooth may simply be stated as a means of establishing connectivity between two or more computing devices without the need of physical connectors. Signals are transmitted via airwaves in Bluetooth. It is an open protocol that established connectivity over short distances.
The process involves the agreement of both the connecting devices upon a series of terms that would be followed when data would be transferred between them. These may involve the number of packets being transferred and also the size of the packets as well as the duration for which the transfer would be enabled.
The technology, named after a 1000-year-old king of Denmark, is one of its kinds (Mitchell, 2012). The devices get connected at usually lesser than 1Mbps over short distances around 30 feet in length at most.
He united and controlled Denmark and Norway, hence the association of uniting devices through Bluetooth. Legend has it that he liked eating blueberries - so much that his teeth became stained with the color of the fruit, giving rise to his name!” (Stucken, 2010)
The topology supported by the connecting network is termed as the PAN or the Piconet. In this network minimum, two and at most eight devices can get connected to each other at a given particular time. The protocols that are part of the Bluetooth specifications assist in the connectivity of the devices.
“Using a special radio frequency to transmit data, it creates a short-range network. It is very secure and can connect up to eight devices (items of electronic equipment) at the same time. The chip can be plugged into items such as computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, and faxes.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Bluetooth Works Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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