The Development of Business Applications Semantic Technology - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes World Wide Web consortiumW3C that is working on this technology to make it more efficient, extendable and presentable to the users. Semantic Web enables the user to find, share and combine information on the web. It is based on machine-readable information…
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The Development of Business Applications Semantic Technology
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Download file to see previous pages A software database technology includes some aspects through which semantic web works. Data which is transferred by human intervention or by machine is portably collected in a data space. Dataspaces are domain specific. They are identified by an identifier. The data which can be viewed in the object-oriented view is called a data space. Linked data is a part of the Semantic web which is identified by URI (Uniform resource identifier). The Data or object existed in the data space must be movable and can be identified and cited by the uniform resource identifier whenever required. The open linked database, which is called as “ODS” is a distributed, collaborative web application platform, social network and content management system. It has been written using VSP, VSPX and the open link AJAX toolkit. It incorporates a wide range of industry standards for data access and management (Wikipedia, 2009). Some of the technologies which semantic web uses for database functionality currently are: RDF: Resource Distribution Framework, RDF, is used implementing modelling concepts in web resources. The RDF uses several syntaxes for coding purpose. The RDF is similar to the conceptual approach which is used in software engineering. For example Class diagrams and Entity relationship diagrams. OWL: Web Ontology Language, the OWL, is compatible with RDF Schema. The OWL is basically used for the representation of information or knowledge and is approved by the World Wide Web Consortium. XML: The extensible markup language, XML, also plays its role in semantic web database technologies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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