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Virtual business brief - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Having a good knowledge of a business, and thinking strategically can increase organizational sales (Ketter 6). Advertising a business can also draw more people to the business. On the…
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Virtual business brief
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Extract of sample "Virtual business brief"

Virtual Business Brief Introduction The type of leadership skills employed in a business determine the success of the business. Having a good knowledge of a business, and thinking strategically can increase organizational sales (Ketter 6). Advertising a business can also draw more people to the business. On the other hand, use of soft leadership skills can lead to the achievement of organizational goals. They promote the relations among employees and the management, which improves motivation in the organization. More to this, using soft skills on customers can generate commendable results. The following brief elaborates how these skills can impact our clothing business.
Analysis of Issue
Summary of the Issue
A clothing business involves the exchange of clothes between a buyer and a seller. Attending to the buyer in a satisfying manner can lead to return business. Using soft skills, for example, leads to accomplishment of the set target. According to Dean (17) soft skills include establishing good relations with customers, being dependable, and adopting good oral and written communication skills. Using such skills in our clothing business can help us meet our target of increasing sales by three percent and increase our customer base.
Implications for Management of Virtual Business
Running a virtual business demands dependability. The management should be reliable whenever employees have queries regarding the business. Prompt communication, for example, allows fast decision making, which can lead to increased returns for the organization (Fiehl 25).
Soft skills could also help the management to create an environment that allows employees to enjoy working. Addressing the personal needs of employees in a virtual business makes them feel valued. They also feel respected, and appreciate being listened to by their superiors. In addition, employing emotional intelligence in the business ensures that the leaders handle the employees appropriately. Leaders, for example, maintain calmness instead of displaying negative emotions. Such actions lead to positive outcomes as employees appreciate being treated in a special way (Riggio 1).
Engaging employees in informal settings, and creating a free atmosphere helps them learn from the management. Such settings improve openness in the workplace, which can lead to better problem solving. Consequently, employees get motivated, and work hard at making the business a success. More to this, facilitating meetings where management connects with employees aids a lot. Regular meetings, conference calls, as well as chatting online with employees improve work relations (Harvard Business School Press 15).
Soft skills lead to the achievement of a positive attitude in the business. Implementing such skills helps employees develop a mental make-up that aims at promoting the business. They also improve the willingness of the employees to perform, leading to business success. In addition, the employees follow the etiquette of the business, leading to better communication in the organization (Ramesh & Ramesh 5).
In conclusion, modern leadership requires the use of soft skills to achieve organizational success. Leaders should focus on building positive relations with their employees. They should concentrate on making them feel valued, so as to promote organizational performance. Soft skills make it easy to deal with organizational conflicts. Managers also develop capacity to gauge potential challenges, hence devise appropriate ways of curbing the issues.
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