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This admission essay describes fire protection systems. This paper outlines the term fire, fire protection measures, such as  Fire Protection systems, Fire Prevention systems, Fire Control systems, Fire Suppression systems, Fire spray systems, and Explosion suppression systems…
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Fire Protection Systems
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Fire Protection Systems
From man’s birth, Fire is taken as the symbol of life and its scattering red, blue and yellow shades make it a theme of motion, warmth and existence. This blessing of God can be turned into a great menace due to its burning nature. From centuries people became scared of its nature so they started its worship by thinking that it is the manifestation of Goddess anger.
It is rightly said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, similarly the damages and distortions related to the fire turned people’s attention towards fire protection measures. Initially fire control was manual and simple but with the passage of time advanced tools and means invented with more capacity to extinguish the fire and less manual involvement. These systems include Fire Protection systems, Fire Prevention systems, Fire Control systems, Fire Suppression systems, Fire spray systems and Explosion suppression systems etc are now in use of both at organizational and individual level. Fire spray systems are specifically design to suppress the fire and it throws water within the 100 milliseconds to lessen the damage at its maximum potential. While the explosion suppression systems work to detect and suppress the explosion as early a possible because time is a crucial factor in the whole process.
These fire protection systems work either in Active form or Passive. Active fire protection systems work in an automatic way, like the fire sprinkles, alarms etc., in order to get the quick safety and fire control measures while in the passive systems, fire resistant walls and compartments are made to get the first aid against the damage and expansion of fire.
Along with all technology and our understanding of the nature, behavior, effects and control of fire, we still need preventive measures. It is necessary that we design our buildings according to the building codes; (Ingberg, 1928) also fire protection systems should be installed in it. Education and awareness campaigns regarding any kind of fire incident can be a best strategy to prevent the unpleasant fire incidents.
Ingberg, S.H. (1928). Tests of the Severity of fires. Quarterly NFPA, 22, 3-41. Read More
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