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Technological Gridlock: The Tech Revolution May Be the Beginning of the End - Essay Example

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This paper describes technological gridlock and efforts to prevent/combat this potential problem. This paper illustrates that technological gridlock, involving the sudden decay and stoppage of the functional systems may cause extreme problems with the modern world…
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Technological Gridlock: The Tech Revolution May Be the Beginning of the End
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"Technological Gridlock: The Tech Revolution May Be the Beginning of the End"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that technological advances, especially prevalent in modern society, have created many positive advances in relation to how humans live their daily lives. Internet technology, medical advances in health care, infrastructure technologies, and even air traffic control systems have made contemporary living much better, especially in Westernized nations. There is not a great deal of available literature on the concept of technological gridlock, largely due to the fact that the notion is highly theoretical, being proposed as a future outcome of human and global development. Humans generally take for granted that various systems will always be available to enhance modern living and that they will function according to their intended purposes. Sewer and sanitation systems, now controlled virtually autonomously by sophisticated and complicated technological systems, represent significant urban changes which provide a better quality of life for the contemporary citizen. Air traffic control systems, mass communications, and Internet applications serve to create a renewed sense of human purpose and mastery over the elements. However, as all of these systems require additional capacity in order to secure their longevity, and with the increases in the global populace in urban societies, a legitimate mathematical equation suggests that eventually, these systems will become over-burdened and unable to support the modern metropolis. This phenomenon is known as technological gridlock. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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